Wednesday, January 12, 2022

and just like that...I have a lot of thoughts. | a sex & the city reboot review


So I kinda liked this week's episode! It was fun, had moments of comedy, some drams, fashion-galore (little faux-paw; Carrie's Diwali look), and overall was great. Let's dive in shall we?

Miranda; is going through it, but is also owing her shit-for the most part. Not w/Steve so it seems. I really love her teacher and that whole story line (as an added bonus). Her hair is just great-I had to throw that in there. I CRINGEDDDD big time when she DMed Carrie's boss. I can't wait to see what happens next there.

Charlotte; old Char is back! AND I'M HERE FOR IT. Lily is the voice of reason and I'm obsessed with her. Rock is really find their own and I love it. 

The picnic fight was a little epic and I like that Carrie was like "nope, come back. Need to move on" THAT IS WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED WITH SAMANTHA. (I'll never let it go...sorry.)

Carrie; well her new apartment sucks-it's just so not her. Neither of the Carries we saw this week; 55 year old Carrie and 30 old Carrie AFTER that "this could be you for a price, Carrie." I cried when she opened up the records in the storage unit. But come on man, the movers didn't label the effing boxes?!

I feel like I don't have tooo many notes this week, but just that I really liked the episode as a whole. Now, I did learn that there is a preview for next week and well lets's just say I don't think I'll have the same feelings? idk let's chat, xo

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