Wednesday, January 5, 2022

and just like that...I have a lot of thoughts. | a sex & the city reboot review


well, I'm happy to say I'm not alone in how I'm feeling after the first 4 eps of the reboot! We've had some great chats in my DMs on IG about the show so far and I can't wait to hear your thoughts after ep 5. Let's dive right in...


Dare I say this episode felt like season 4 of SATC a times? It had little glimmers of my girls and I was here for it...! BUT I wasn't obsessed or head over heels in love, now with that being said, there is a sense of peace I feel seeing the gals on the screen again. 

Carrie; her plot line this ep was decent. She had some funny little moments, good fashion, and she reached out to/talked about Samantha. I hate to say it those were my favorite parts of the show this week. I kept waiting for her to grieve the fact that Big wouldn't be there to care for her after her surgery, but she never made mention of him. (then or at all really...)

Miranda; gf is really having her moments! I cringed BIG time at the book-did she buy it or did Charlotte send it? It wouldn't be out of character for Char to send it, but then Miranda mentions her "drunk buying it" and it made me wonder. I WAS INTERNALLY SCREAMING AT THE KITCHEN SCENE. OH. EM. GEE. Poor Steve, poor Miranda, poor Carrie. AND thennnn what Che says after??? Fuckkkk, yikes. Major yikes. (did anyone else feel like this was a throwback revenge moment for when Carrie sent Aiden to help Miranda when her back went out and she was naked on the bathroom floor? like yes, v different scenarios and both unplanned, but I jumped there when Carrie dropped the pee in the bed and was in pain.) Good for her for finally saying out loud that she is stuck in her life.

Charlotte; didn't annoy me that much this week! She was more of her old self and that was probably why I was more on board when she was on the screen. Who knew she was so strong? Also, Rock's TikTok coming out song was catchy. Lily is v adorable too-love her!

I'm v excited for this next episode...oh wait a second. WHY THE FUCK DOES IT END WITH HER SAYING "and just like that, it's 3 months later?" what time machine are they in that it's jumping this quick? Big's body is ice cold now...Carrie looked fuego in that last scene, but ep 5 going to start and Steve & Miranda are divorced? Like shit has gone down. UGH, okay okay, one more day, cannot wait for the next ep, but until then, catch me in DMs to chat about ep 5, xo

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