Wednesday, January 19, 2022

and just like that...I have a lot of thoughts. | a sex & the city reboot review


phew a lot to unpack here, let's dive in.

Miranda; ooookay...welp. She is going for it. I'm a big believer in if you aren't in the situation you are in anymore, then leave that situation before you start something else. Clearly she isn't happy with Steve and that life, no reason to destroy him and his heart like this in the process. V INTERESTED IN THIS CONVO HAPPENING NEXT. 

*speaking of Steve, I read an article, we aren't the only ones who agree that he is being done dirty, the writers know they turned him into a fucking annoying, mombojumbo 

Charlotte; speaking up for herself, finally and not being annoying. Phew took awhile, but we are here. I'm so confused by why everyone had to go to the fundraiser and why she put Carrie up for bid (if the roles were reversed, she would NEVER let Carrie put her up if Harry died and she was alone.)

Carrie; the date. OOf. I'm not into this at all and the fact that it's her publisher pushing her? Her column was just as much about her friends as it was about her. She could add a spin about she's watching the people around her grow into their own or their thriving in their relationships and that's giving her a glimmer of hope for her own future and that she won't remain in this sad place. There use that. I know they need a plot line, but man, Big you are getting done dirty my guy.

Excited for tomorrow's episode which apparently I'm just like Steve and I have no idea which number it is and talk a lot of mumbojumbo ;) catch ya in DMs, xo

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