Tuesday, January 22, 2019

beauty | cake dry shampoo review

I'm a big believe in dry shampoo and I'm always in the market for the next best one. I was almost out of the Kristen Ess one (which is 19 gold stars out of 5 for me!) and didn't want to go allll the wayyy to Target-okay, it's only 20 minutes away, but still I was at Rite Aid and this pretty pink bottle caught my eye. So I said "yup, I'll give this a whirl" and it was about $4 less than the KE one.

What it says it'll do:

Based on the cakebeautyusa website; 
Does your dry shampoo leave your hair lifeless and dull? Do you dream of a second-day hair routine that gives you that freshly blown out look every single morning? If you’re totally over formulas that weigh you down with unwanted residue, it’s time to meet The ‘Do Gooder. This quick cleaning confection cleanses, refreshes, and revives your locks all while completely brushing out at the end of the day – meaning you can go ahead and enjoy those third-, fourth- and fifth-day hair goals.
The superb scent: warm vanilla, caramelized sugar, and a gorgeous hit of lemon.

What I thought:

I had high hopes for this dry shampoo for a few reasons, one the packaging is adorable. Two I could grab it at Rite Aid & don't have to worry about going to Target every few weeks (hello-trying to be good and avoid the Target Temptation!)  But it really just fell short. I tried using it as I always do-at night before bed-this lets it really soak into my hair, but the next morning my hair didn't seem any less dirty than it did before I went to sleep. I tried it another time in the morning and that worked a little better, but it didn't really do a dry shampoo trick like I normally expect.

Smell: Ummm no, it doesn't smell anything like the bottle says it does. To me it smells like fake vanilla like they tried to hard to get it to smell like a dessert.

Feel: Not sticky or heavy. It's a pretty lightweight dry shampoo compared to others I've tried.

Would I buy again? No :( I just feel like even in a pinch it's not the best that you can get for the price point with Batiste being $1-$3 dollars less.

What dry shampoo do you love? Leave me your recs inthe comments, 


  1. Thanks for the review! The packaging looks so cute but it doesn't sound too impressive so I think I'll stick with the Living Proof dry shampoo

  2. You're better off sticking with what ya like when it comes to dry shampoo! Xo

  3. Such a bummer that it didn't work out but good to know! I'm so picky about dry shampoo lol