Tuesday, April 23, 2019

assumptions about me from IG

This post has been floating around IG and YT for months now & I couldn't wait to write it. I asked twice (I got a LOT of duplicate questions) on my stories for you guys to give me your assumptions about me, some were funny, some were strange, and some were down right spot on haha! 

assumption: I've always positive and in a good mood.
answer: HA HA HA, no. Not even close in the slightest. I wouldn't say I'm a grumpy grump or a pessimist, but I'm def a realist and that sometimes makes me have a negative outlook on things.

assumption: I'm a great friend and listener.
answer: Absolutely! I would say that my friends who all say I'm a loyal, great friend who always offers them an ear. If I'm wrong boos, let me know ;)

assumption: I have my shit together.
answer: WOAH, now I'm CRACKING up. No, nope, no way. I'm not even one of those girls who looks like it was effortless to get ready. I know it looks like it took me a while and let's be real, it does. You can tell when I put effort in. IG is all an optical illusion. 

assumption: I love all things cherry.
answer: This was sent in by one of my bffs who knows that is a flat out LIE. YUCK, gross. I've hated cherry EVERYTHING for my whole life. 

assumption: I'm very picky when it comes to guys.
answer: Damn right I am. I realized a while ago that if my last relationship worked out I would've been settling (like REALLY settling) and my standards have grown so much in the past years. Making me what some would say way too picky, borderline impossible...but oh well, right?

assumption: I'm always confident.
answer: My life motto is "fake it til you make it, honey." so no, it's all an act. 

assumption: I share things cause they're popular.
answer: Nope, wrongo. I will never share something cause it's popular and others are sharing it. If I share it or link it, it's cause I actually like it. I may buy something cause someone else looks cute in it and then it looks awful on me (those heart sunnies from amazon!), but like I said I'm faking that I think I look cute in them. 

I hope you guys learned about what people think of me vs the truth! Let me know if you had an assumption of me and debunked in the comments, 


  1. I love this idea! I always assumed you were super confident girl cause you're killing it

  2. I've loved the assumptions tag that people have been doing! I might have to pinch this post idea because I'd love to see what people assume about me (I think?) haha!