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beauty | Lash Lift & Tint featuring an interview with Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity

If you've been around here for a while, then you know I'm always on the hunt for the next best thing for my lashes. If it's a mascara or a serum, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and give it a try. So when Elizabeth reached out to me about coming to her at home day spa to work on a feature for a lash lift & tint, you know I was all in!

Skin Serendipity Day Spa is located right in Elizabeth's home and has such a cozy vibe. Jen came with me to take pics and jot down all of my questions and the whole process for you babes-seriously best assistant ever! And we instantly felt welcomed and right at home when we headed down into the spa area. 

Complete with a waiting area, the spa is done in gold and creams and just has a very luxe feel about it. I was already beginning to feel relaxed and that was prior to laying on the heated massage table (which is my favorite part of any spa service!) Elizabeth started by explaining each step of the process and let me know that as she was doing the steps she would be walking me through it cause she knows that it can be scary keeping your eyes closed and not knowing what's happening! That was my only fear going into it. But Elizabeth is the most professional, knowledgable, and sweet woman ever-so I instantly knew I was in the best hands & all that anxiety disappeared!

I figured the best way to breakdown my whole experience would be to separate the post into the interview and process let's get into it!


the layz blonde: When did you get started in this industry?

Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity: 5 years ago. I started at Salon Envy and then moved to Hand & Stone, but always knew I wanted to open my own day spa at home when my husband and I bought our house. This is my 1st year at home!

tlzb: When did the lash lift start?

Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity It started in 2017. 

tlbz: What was the need for it? 

Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity: It was to replace mascara and a quick treatment that would last a long time. 

tlbzHow long does it last?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityIt can last a month to 6 weeks depending on lash growth. 

tlbzWhat's the upkeep like?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityNone actually! You can brush your lashes if you really want, but nothing is required. Right after though, you can't get your lashes wet for 8-10 hours and should avoid smushing them when you sleep that first night cause they're still fragile. 

tlbzWhat mascara do you like?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityI tend to reach for Smashbox or Too Faced Better Than Sex.

tlbzOkay, million dollar question...what do you recommend to get mascara completely off?!

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityDefinitely a pre cleanse, like a micellar water. And then any water based cleaner that is safe enough for your skin. 

tlbzYou mentioned you specialize in acne facials, what skincare products do you use?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipitySkincare Rx. It's a great line and it's custom to you. So your products would be different than mine or Jen's. If not Skincare Rx, then anything "clean". I really like Tarte and Tatcha. 

tlbzWhat service do you not currently offer that you want to add?

Dermaplanning and teeth whitening! I just need new a few more credits for that and the machine. 

tlbzWhat's next for Skin Serendipity Day Spa?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityGrowing, expanding, and just continuing to balance being a new mom and run this business. I'm extremely grateful that I get to be able to do both!

Where to find Elizabeth & Skin Serendipity Day Spa:


The whole process takes around 75-85 minutes including the tint to be on the generous side of time. 

Step 1-cleansing the lashes 
Step 2-finding the size of the proper rod. There's 4 size rods; small, medium, large, x-large. Elizabeth says that x-large is like a unicorn cause it's extremely rare! I was a medium!
Step 3-prep the eyes-this includes putting a hydrogel pad under the lower lashes for two reasons; 1-hydration and 2-extra relaxation

Step 1-the rod gets glue to the lid and the lashes get brushed up to the lid and now it's time for the solution to get applied. It may smell (kinda like Nair or a perm). It stays on from 8-10 minutes an eye. Mine stayed on for 8 minutes.
Step 2-after the 8 minutes are up, the lift is removed with water and a Q-Tip. Baby lashes may pop off during this process as they are the freshest and youngest of the bunch. *these baby lashes can be put back on! So now lashes are lost in the process. 
Step 3-now it's time for the setting lotion. This will stay on for half of the time of the solution-so 4 minutes an eye in my case. *while this is sitting, Elizabeth is getting the tint ready.
Step 4-everything comes off with water. The setting lotion, the rod, even the hydrogel pads.

Step 1-color block cream is applied to the lids to make sure that nothing stains. And another set of hydrogel pads are placed on to give a nice canvas.
Step 2-tint is applied to the upper lashes and the lower lashes. Sits on the lashes for 6 minutes.
Step 3-time to remove the tint. This happens with a warm washcloth, wet rag, and then wet Q-Tips to make sure there's nothing else left. 
Step 4-Keritain is brushed on to add strength to the lashes and you are done!

Lash Lift and Tint $80
lasts for 4-6 weeks depending on lash growth

For the month of February, Skin Serendipity Day Spa is running a special for $60 lash lifts & tints, but the first 3 people to DM Elizabeth with code 'LAYZ' to book a lash lift and tint will get a special price of $50!
(must be booked by Feb 29th, service doesn't need to take place by then)

I'm OBSESSED with my lashes. They look amazing and literally like I have a swipe or two of mascara on. I think I'll probably put on a coat or two on my top lashes at some point in the next week or so, but I won't be touching the bottom ones cause they look like they have the perfect mascara on them. I highly recommend a lash lift and tint from Elizabeth at Skin Serendipity Day Spa. I already can't wait to go back for another service and I promise you'll love anything you get done with her!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | week six

Week six, six ladies left. It's going to be a battle to the end I think...

A little sidebar, I read a theory about how this season ends, and if that happens-hold on to your skirts, girls. Cause that will be the MOST DRAMATIC THING EVER TO HAPPEN EVER. 

One on One: with Madison

Prior to the date card, Madison said that she wants to have the talk with him about what it looks like after this & that makes me happy that she is thinking like that. It's easy to get caught up in this. They're going fishing? Oh no, they're walking around a fish village. Nope, they're on a boat now...idk, Madison's jeans are real cute. 

HA & Kelsey-who are now BFFS? Idk, missed that too...#champsgate. are chatting about how Madison is very faith driven and wants a leader of her family who will lead them in faith. It sounds a little like Kelsey is becoming the new Tammy, but let's see. 

Night time, dinner time portion of the date and they're in a bar, dancing. Okay, now we at dinner-phew, I like a structure haha. Madison is finally having a real conversation with Peter and man this is refreshing. I feel like this is what the season has been missing. Madison laid it all on the line with her faith and Peter is being honest right back. He's not as faithful as she is, but he is willing to try it seems. So I guess that's a bonus. OMGGGGG HE JUST TOLD HER HE IS FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER. WOAH. 

Now, I have to say that I don't think Peter was fully honest with Madison about his faith. I think he was desperate to keep the girl who he is really into around cause he's confused. He may not see it as a big deal, but you can tell this meant everything to her. 

One on One: with Natasha

He's really into what the girls think of this scar, huh? I really like Natasha, but just not for him. He just got soooo freaking excited about that you know what I look like when I see cotton candy. 

Back to HA & Kelsey laying on a bed, chit chatting like besties...what the heck? DID I MISS THEM BECOMING PALS? 

Natasha opening up about her family and her brothers being a lot-she's the youngest of 4. 

Dinner portion, okay I wrote nothing about their date, cause there was nothing to really say. There's nothing here between them guys. Natasha is saying that she feels "safe, that they have a strong connection"...and nah, they just good friends. 

No rose for Natasha...who was trying to hang on by a thorn here. 

One on One: with Kelsey

They went ATVing & hiking...and were both mega winded. Cuddled on the side of a hill. I have nothing to offer here...I was reading spoilers and posting on IG. I don't really see this connection, but they think they have it. 

Night portion, Kelsey is opening up about how she is having a relationship with her dad behind everyone else's back. Now she's on national TV and is airing her dirty laundry out. 

Kelsey gets a rose...if she didn't then the 3 on 1 would be a rose fest...

Three on One: 

Victoria F
Hannah Ann

Kelley has a chip on her shoulder for sure about this date...she also said she wanted to throw VF & HA in front of a bus to their faces, so then there's that. 

Alone time during the 3 on 1...Kelley is now "napping" while HA and Peter are going off for alone time. HA said that she has been upset. But HA got to share what was on her heart.

Kelley had her time with him and it was just kinda weird. She is older and an attorney, so that makes her what? She keeps saying that they are having fun and he said he doesn't like that word. Strangeeee.

Okay, now he's with VF and she said "you're always in a mood" when we're together. They're fighting now. He's saying "you push me away", she is saying "I don't want to get to the end and lose you, so it's easier to just not have you". He said to VF that he wouldn't string her along, but I guess he didn't feel that way about Natasha? He strung her sheesh. 

Peter comes over and says "I don't need a dinner" and grabs the rose, says "Victoria, can I talk to you for a minute?" she rolls her eyes and says "yeah." as they are walking away she says to him "I don't wanna go." 

They're by a car....he has the rose....he's saying a lot of break up things, but she gets the rose. He said "I love what we have" he really keeps throwing the love around huh?

Hannah Anne gets the other rose and Kelley "I met her in a hotel lobby" is sent packing. HA is crying and sounds like a piggy. 

Kelley in her car interview is talking smack about Peter and what he is looking for. And I don't disagree completely, but I didn't see it with her after that first date. She brought nothing to the table with him either. She was riding that first meeting in the lobby and that wasn't going to carry her to an engagement.

Next week, HOMETOWNS. Kelsey is in l-o-v-e. Madison is a virgin. HA's dad isn't buying it. Victoria and Peter are yelling at one another. Gonna be a good one, babes

Friday, February 7, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | week five Wednesday night

We back night Chile. Still unsure WHY WE NEEDED 5 HOURS THIS WEEK? But here we are, so leggo.

It picks up in another cat fight about "needing time" before the rose ceremony where there was no cocktail party. 

One on One: with Hannah Ann (which I will only refer to her as HA moving forward)

OH NO, stop it. I hateeee when they run into a "random local couple" to chat with. I hate this so much, cringe city. The trolly is a very cool way to see the city, nice touch there. Peter is bring up the age thing-HA is 23, she hasn't been in love before. Yikes, flag? 

Now they're on the dinner part of the date and she's trying to be deep, but it's lacking. She's talking about's some of her work.

She was in a 3 year relationship, but wasn't in love? Were they in 8th grade? Her answers are VERYYYY pageant to me. She repeats the question, the conversation isn't there. Peter just got up and is now questioning the "deep connection". He thinks HA is trying to be perfect all the time. HA came to find him crying. 

She's starting to fall in love with him...she just told him. I bet he went to get the rose. FREAKING SURPRISE SURPRISE. He is talking all muffled. This is fake AF to me. 

Group date:

Victoria P
Mykenna-who is heartbroken she didn't get a one on one.

A second date to Victoria F when the group date card was brought out. It said "I feel like we didn't get a fair shot" 
*this date card has sent Mykenna into a TAIL SPIN. Kelsey is consoling her, guys. Like hello, you know it's bad. She wants to leave. She's also a v fake crier. 

Sooooo the date is filming a telenovela and boy oh boy, these girls and esp Peter should NOT quit their day jobs. OOOF that was bad. It ends with him picking Mykenna, so now she's not upset, I guess. 

Everyone is feeling really good about the day and then all go to the cocktail party feeling a good vibe...this will take a turn. 

Kelsey is the first alone time. They are talking about how they've come out of the bad times and he said he has real feelings for her. Then guess what happened...they kissed. No surprise. 

Victoria P is up next (I had her as a front runner, but she has had a rough little go as of late). She's sitting on his lap and she's being awkotaco. She asked him if he's feeling okay about talking about heavy stuff with her about after Alayah. He is a coward and it didn't seem like he was going to bring it up? He keeps kissing his hand so awkwardly. Peter is saying he knows her heart is in the right place, but he thinks that she is more secure in their relationship than he is. She's telling him to dump her and he said "idk if I see you as my wife". HOLY SHIT. She isn't taking it well. She said "I'm concerned for you" and she's OUT. SHE SAID "THIS IS THE LAST CONVO WE'LL EVER HAVE." She's asking for a car or a cab. Holy guacmoleeee. He wants to walk her out, she's like don't. He's following her..this is whacky. There goes my bracket for this week. The girls look shocked.

Okay, tea time, girls. Mykenna packed her bags before going on the group date and now she's saying "this was the best day ever". She was saying that acting made her feel like she was really herself today, like huh? She's only 22 and sometimes it shows. Kelsey is defending her. Tammy is popping off as always. Tammy is involved in all of the drama. Cut to Madison and Peter kissing and they hear the how rude. Mykenna's jumpsuit is CUTE. Tammy's dress is gross. 

Madison gets the rose! And there are some unhappy campers.

One on One: Victoria F

He's very into her...more random talking to people for their insight. Seems like he is a little more into her than she is him. She is trying to tell him that she is in her head about the other girls. He is telling VF that if she doesn't see herself in it for the long haul then to let him know now. This date feels like little timely to me. Let's see how the night goes. 

It's a little hard to take him seriously with the bandaid on this noggin. But they're at dinner and it's time for a tough convo. Peter said that he asked her on the second one on one cause he just wanted to spend time with her and see if it's what he thinks it is. Victoria will be an influencer after this-she already won the Revolve challenge. She just had to down wine to be able to chat about the walls she put up and keeps saying "I don't know". I really feel like she's panicking cause he is really in it with her and she isn't. THIS HAS TAKEN A TURN. He asked if she wants to be here and she got pissed. 

OMG, he is trying to talk to her and she's said "I get it Peter" and now she's "getting sick" in the bathroom saying that she's not sure why she's doing this to him. And that she's not ready. I told you guys. Well I just told you, I didn't see this coming. 

Okay VF is back...and said "it's not all good". Are we losing another, Victoria? She said she likes him, but she's def being bratty. HE IS INTO HERRRR you guys. He basically was like I'm here and in this, she accepts the rose. And I think we have a front runner. BUT IS SHE A RUNNER? In the words of Victoria..."I don't know". He just told her "please no more pushing me away." Now, is he really into her cause of the chase?

Two on One: with Tammy and Mykenna

*first time girls have been pissed about another date card. This one says "meet me at the cocktail party before everyone else. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH." Peter is a soccer dad, ya'll. He's turning this car around. With that being cannot tell me the producers didn't put him up to this. 

Mykenna all of a sudden has a slight accent...maybe that's her mad accent. Okay, they stomp in together. They both should just keep their mouths shut. But NOPE, Mykenna literally started talking right when I hit that period. Peter loves to say "gimme a hug" when he sees them. 

Okay, he wants them to spill the tea. Oh right when I thought he was going to do it the right way and talk to them at the same freaking time, he pulls Tammy aside for "her side". She thinks Mykenna isn't here for the right reasons. Mykenna is trying to create hashtags for her brand (here for that...). Tammy let him know about the bag packing. Tammy is telling him that it's getting serious for her, but like huh? You've had no time with him all you do is cause shit. She thinks they are meant to be. 

Mykenna's turn. She's talking about how Tammy is a joy sucker. Peter is letting Mykenna know he knows about the bag packing and how that confuses him. Oh he dropped the hashtags. Mykenna said "that's twisting the truth", but she's #speakingherdamntruth #damntruth which hashtag we running with, sis?  She said their love is worth it...SHE'S IN LOVE WITH HIM? Ohhh #lieslieslies that's good, it's like #byebyebye which we know I'm here for, always. 

I hope he doesn't give either a rose cause they both bug me. Oh wait, he's doing what I want? Peterrrr, you angel. Thank you! Oh nope, never mind. He let Tammy go. He's letting Mykenna stay for now cause he trusts Mykenna. 

Okay, starting the cocktail party. I really love that Natasha always asks him how he is doing. That shows that she is kind. 

Rose Ceremony:

Kelsey (his voice cracked)
Kelley (his voice kinda cracked again)

Sydney & Mykenna are out! Mykenna did a whole third person outro about being madly in love with herself.

Squad is headed to Peru-6 left. And HA cries with her whole stayyy tuned,

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Galentine's Day Round-Up | Collab

Teamed up with my Internet gf, Brooke to share something for Galentine's-I'm sharing ideas of what to do with the girls & Brooke is sharing a gift guide! Be sure to check out her post to see what she picked as the best gifts for you Galentine's. 

I love celebrating my friends-wether it's a lunch out or a cozy movie night in (I rounded up the most epic list of rom coms & V-Day cozies last week!) so it's no surprise I love Galentine's Day! I think its the best excuse to get the girls together in the middle of winter to just do something fun. I hopped on Pinterest to put together a list of the most epic things you could do with the squad to celebrate! 

Over on Beyond Her Curls they're sharing how to host an epic brunch.
Last minute, G-Day get together over on
Going to pick a rom-com or two from my list and aren't sure what snacks to serve? Make an epic dessert tray! from Strawberry Blondie Kitchen
Feeling crafty? Have a calligraphy Galentine's party! from Randi Garrett Designs
Decorate off-like what Jen & I do for every holiday!

If you and the gfs would rather head out than stay in, here's some ideas for a GNO!

Cocktail making class at a local bar
Wine pairing dinner 
Dessert & Champs-forget meeting for dinner!
Laser tag-this is old school fun, that would make for a great Galentine's night out with a big squad-and you'll burn some calories too ;)
Try a new workout class
Do a progressive breakfast-hit a coffee shop for a cup of Joe, then hit a breakfast spot for the meal, then head to a juice bar to grab juices. 
Go ice skating & bonus, this will obviously include hot chocolates!

How do you and your girlfriends celly Galentine's Day? Don't forget to check out Brooke's gift guide & get your squad something they'll love! Let's chat in the comments,

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The Bachelor Recap | week five Monday night

Three hours...three stinking hours. Oh and yes, you aren't seeing things-well & you know by now...this is ep one of two this week. How we are getting 2 days, 5 hours worth of drams this week? Idk. But oof, I just don't know how I feel about it. Let's see if I change my tune by the end of the week. 

Alrightyroo, picked up where we left off. Alayah drams. Now she's pulled aside and sitting with Peter. Blah blah, I'm v over this bs. I either need him to be all in for her or all out. Ohhhh...damn. I guess I didn't see that coming. Pete sends her home even tho he likes her. The vultures are "so confused" (I am on their side tho, he never should've had her back)

I really wonder if EVERY girl in that room really thinks "it could be me" at the end....but then again I thought I was going to marry Justin Timberlake, so yeah I guess I can see it. 

P is back in telling the girls that he is all in and he knows what he wants. He's apologizing and laying it out there. I respect that he's being so forthcoming with them. I feel like Bach in the past have been even more wishy-washy (Peter's words..) and thought more with their D's, he seems v genuine.

P & HA took a polaroid-make a note of that. Lots of kissing, I missed it all...Oh and Mykenna was teaching him dancing and if you follow her on TikTok you know she throws down. 

Rose Ceremony:

Hannah Ann
Victoria P or VP

P & the ladies are off to Costa Ricaaaaa-which makes me think of Toby from The Office. The tears are going international friends! I hope they bring tissues with them...I'd hate for them to get somewhere and have to use tissues that could make their faces break out. 

Speaking of broken faces, Peter shows up with a bandage on his face and tells this wild story-which was a lie. Now the truth is he walked into a golf cart like an idiot. BAHAHAH, wait, so they showed it and he hit his head while getting in to sit down and his head bounced into the glass in his hand...22 stitches. 

One on One: with Sydney

P flies her away in a helicopter. And they end up in the middle of nowhere, kinda just hanging out.

WAIT ONE SECOND...KELSEY AND HA ARE CHIT-CHATTING IT UP? COME ON, they are enemies. Don't we remember #champsgate? Ugh. Blah. Also, why does Kelsey cry all the time? All the time...

P is speaking Spanish to Syd and I'm pretty sure she didn't know what he said. He calls her the best kisser. She has great lips. They've barely talked, I really feel like this happens on all his dates. I don't see anything besides them, but physical chemistry. 

On the night part of the date, she shares her story about her childhood and I feel like she really opened up to him, but I don't see a major spark there. He says he wants to be her rock and gives her the rose! He wants someone with a huge heart and lots of love to give-that's what he wants in a wife. They make out in the hot tub and call it a night. 

Woahhhh, Kelsey-popping off at the house about Syd-I like her, but she's a fake bitch. Damnnn. ALL SHE DOES IS CRY. OMG. 

Group date:

Costa Rica looks beautiful. Okay, it looks like they are doing a photo shoot for Cosmo (what a dream!) Peter and the winner of this will be on the cover of the March issue and as someone who read Cosmo since she was 14, this is an out of this world dream! They all look outstanding!

VF kisses him for a picture with other girls in the shot and Kelsey looks like she's going to lose her mind. Victoria F wins and will be on the cover with Peter-coming to a newsstand near you!

So the evening portion of the date is just a lot of kissing and whining...Tammy is going to drop the bomb of P about who Kelsey really is-a cry baby, that's who she is. OH and a BACKSTABBING BITCH who just talks about everyone behind their backs. 

Peter brings Kelsey over to talk about her "mental breakdown" (wrong use of words, Tammygirl) Kelsey did you not watch the show, boo? He is going to go on dates...lots of dates, tons of dates-oh and they all won't be with you! 

Kels goes back to the gals and is throwing around "emotionally unstable" and I didn't hear that term-she's said it now 4 times in less than 2 minutes. HOLY COW, don't take a shot. Lexy has stepped up and is voicing her opinion. VF is saying how strong you need to be. Kelsey is on the verge of tears and is saying she's the only one who is showing her emotions. SHE SAID EU again-do not take a shot, you will need to get your stomach pumped. Peter walks in and is acting so happy and they're all like "Bro, this shit sucks..." Roseeeee goes toooo....Hannah Ann. 

Kelsey SAID emotionally unstable again. Oh brother. 

One on One: with Kelley

Now remember he met Kelley that we remember that, leggo. She's v monotone...her intro interview was strange "I like doing activities, new activities, yeah we will have fun" all one tone of voice. They had a great connection off the bat, but this is awkotaco-well she's awkotaco. Butttt then again, I feel like I every group date all I see is kissing no connections. 

They're doing some hippydippydoo stuff that if Mikhaila watched the Bach, she would be signing us up for this tomorrow...I'm a little glad she isn't. Wait, maybe I do wanna do this, they're having a reading. But this is going south for P & K. 

Back at the house-it's the Kelsey show...she's sitting with Tammy to talk about if she has a problem with her. Kelsey has to go. She is too much. It's too much. If you follow me on IG, I went on a mini rant about her and my dad was even in the kitchen complaining about her "wahh wahh, no one likes me, cry cry cry" like spot on impression. 

Okay, back to the date, it's the dinnertime and Peter is laying it out there. Kelley is staying that she is in it and wants to be there with him. Kelley is saying to him that she doesn't understand what he sees in certain girls compared to her and I get that. She said that she can see herself engaged at the end. He asked her to please give herself to the process. Rose is up...Kelley gets the rose. 

They kinda set us up for more drama there...why is this episode 3 hours? OH CAUSE IT'S THE KELSEY SHOW. 

UGH. Surprise, surprise. Kelsey is at Peter's room/Costa Rica try to apologize for all the tears, drama, and whatever. I stopped listening. She said that she is falling for him and he said their connection is growing. (Which awesome...super.) Now she is throwing Tammy under the bus for saying she has a drinking problem and that she's "popping pills"-huh? Never heard that...oh did that come up when I turned my listening ears off? Did that really happen? How are her eyes so white? She cries all the time, her eyes are so white. I need a coupon code for her eye drops (fun fact; I physically cannot put eye drops in...I try and they fall down my face, don't even make it into my eye balls) PETER GAVE HER A ROSE. BARFARAMA. (SIDE NOTE: her first words, were about the other girls...she is there for the drama...) Editing made me believe she was going home, but nope, got a stupid rose. 

Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony: 

If this doesn't end with a RC I'm gonna be pissed. WOAH, OKAYYYY OKAYYYYY-HEADED RIGHT TO A ROSE CEREMONY. HELL YEAH, LET'S GO. They're out for Kelsey's blood-holy cow. Tammy is like tell me what you said about me. DAMNN she did say the pill thing, wait now Kelsey is confessing to the pills she takes? What is happening? Holy bananas. NOW THEY ARE AFTER TAMMY. They majority wants the drama to be over and they want time with Pete-which that's why they are thereeee. 

The girls have cracked. They are all yelling and crying and fighting. They've all come unhinged. 

I've never seen this many people have a breakdown like that before. Okay, there's 6 roses? Sheesh they are dropping like flies! Here we go...

Nope, never mind. Tammy pulled him aside. I knew this would happen. Why can't we ever just button up an episode like the good old days? Now Mykenna went to steal him away. Someone is sitting down in the middle of the rose ceremony. Mykenna is crying. Lexi (Lexy?) is like I guess I'll steal him next...this is all a joke. Now Mykenna and Lexi are fighting. EVERYONE IS FIGHTING. 

Here we really go...Peter is back and next to the damn roses. He is "following his heart"...

Madison (which I spell wrong each time...)

Woah, didn't see Tammy staying...Shiann said the sweetest things to him and realest things to him. Damn, good for you, gf. GUYS, we had a ROSE CEREMONY at the end of an episode-ahhh it's like 2005 all over again, yippppeeee! 

I'll be back with my recap of Wednesday's shitstorm...I mean quest for love on Friday cause I have something really fun for you on Thursday!

Thursday, January 30, 2020

must watch rom coms & v-day cozies

A good romcom is perfect any time of year, but I wanted to make sure that I got together a list of all of must watch ones. My great friend Christine and I are always on the hunt for the next best romcom and spend a lot of time texting one another to make sure we've seen whatever is new on Netflix...we even decided at our next sleepover that we will have a day dedicate to just romcoms (she lives in DC, so we have to plan these things out in advance haha!)

The Perfect Date only on Netflix
Love, Rosie on Netflix (more rom than com)
After only on Netflix
About Time 
50 First Dates 
Crazy, Stupid, Love 
The Big Sick 
27 Dresses
Two Weeks Notice
Sleepless in Seattle 
Pretty Woman
A Walk to Remember (RomCry...not a com)
10 Things I Hate About You
Sweet Home Alabama
Center Stage (not a com)
Friends With Benefits
Life As We Know It
The Kissing Booth
Love, Simon
Fever Pitch

and of course, THE BEST ROM COM OF ALL TIME:
To All The Boys I've Loved Before 
To All The Boys: P.S I Still I Love You the sequel is dropping on Feb 12th...! 

And of course, what's a good movie day without cozies? I rounded up a bunch of cute Valentine's cozies cause you know I love this whole holiday cause of the color palette alone :) 

avo toast pj set $14.99 -are these not the cutest thing ever?

What's your must watch romcom? Leave it in the comments,

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | week four

Another Monday and we're off...literally! Leaving the mansion and hitting the road...first stop, the city of loveeeee-Cleveland. Which is home to the worst human, Tristan Thompson. 

One on One: with Victoria F

I won't lie, based on the preview, I'm the most excited for this drama and hope that it's not just good editing. Victoria was the quiet one in the beginning of the season, but then wore the lingerie during the fashion show. She's def got some tricks up her sleeve. 

She takes things to the next level tho with the freaking out about skydiving...he's just going to fly you around. She looks really cute in her all-American #ootd. (kissed) They're going to an amusement park and have the whole thing to themselves. And just an FYI-that's my dream have the whole place alone. Even tho...wait for it, I hate rollercoasters, ha. Idk it just seems so fun! 

Peter and VF are chatting about kids, drinking beers, holding hands...and then BAM-DRAMA. They're going to a Chase Rice concert...who's her ex bf?  CHASE MOTHER FUCKING RICE. Dated before she came on the show...omg. I can't. VF IS LOOKING AT CHASE WITH THE EYES. Peter is really into her. VF is singing along and Pete says "oh you know this song!" well honey, you're about to find out she knows more than that about Chase. OMGGGG PETER KISSED HER AND CHASE quickly stopped the song and whiped his face. Peter is talking to Chase and Chase is like how long you into this? And now VF is crying to a producer. it's SO MUCH. OMGGGGG.

VF pulled Chase aside to say it was a good concert. She asked if he knew prior and he said no. This is EVERYTHING SO MUCH FUCKING DRAMS. VF said she has to tell him and Chase is like duh. 

Now onto the dinner portion of the date...she looks beautiful in her pink dress. Peter said in his interview "we could have Chase Rice sing at our wedding!" Ohhh Petteeeeeeey. VF takes a huge sip of her cocktail and is going to drop the hammer. Victoria told him and he said "no" like he needs it to not be true. I feel incredible bad that Peter just keeps getting blindsided. I know that he was a child actor in commercials, but there's now way that he is acting rn. Peter is trying to get her to clarify that she has no feelings for him and she said she doesn't and she didn't say something earlier cause she didn't want to ruin the moment. She left crying. 

Peter has gone to see Victoria and she's trying to apologize for ruining the moment and for driving him away...she's afraid that he won't want to try with her now. Now Peter is trying to get her to confirm that she wants be there with him...all seems to be fine...they're kissing. She gets the rose! (Shoulda picked her in my bracket...she did cry so that would've lost me points, but she stays!) 

Group Date with:

Victoria F
Hannah Ann

They're going to play some football at the Dog Pound. Victoria F was wearing a v cute set and had to sit out cause of her back. Shiann scored two TDs so far...I'm here for Peter's football commentary. The game ended in a tie 28-28 even tho Shiann ended the day with 4 TDs...and they all played really hard. 

Okay, we're at the night portion and he is with Victoria P-who's in red (his fave color). (kissing) The girls are LIVID that she took him first because she didn't even play...wah wah, like girl up and grab him. 

ALAYAH JUST WALKED-NO STOMPED IN-BLEW THE GIRLS A KISS AND IS STOMPING IN TO INTERRUPT. Oh shit...shit. VP told him last week, they knew each other, but not that well. Now Alayah is saying that they went to Vegas together...So he sat down with the both of them at the same time (smart move, Peter...) but they both talked in circles. It's hard to know who is being honest, but you don't go to Vegas with someone you don't really know. 

He's spending a lot of time with Alayah and now he's saying stuff about trusting his heart & how he loved everything he saw from her. And he hates he doubted her. AND HE ASKED HER BACKKKKK. They walk out hand in hand to a lot of really pissed faces and I mean REALLY pissed faces. I would be livid if I was there. LIV-ID. 

One on One: with Kelsey (the other half of #champsgate if you can't keep them straight)

They're exploring the city and just walking around. Stopped to dance, eat a porogies...cute. Oh yikes, she's sharing her story about how her parent split and how she found out about her dad leaving before her mom did. They end their night with a kiss and fireworks...literal fireworks. 

I didn't have much to say about their date cause I just didn't really see much happening...*shoulder shrug emoji*

VF is POPPING OFF on Alayah about her running her mouth about spilling the tea to the girls about the whole Chase. 

Cocktail Party time and Peter walks in to these girls fired up and they lay right into him. They let him know how upset they are about how they've had no time. He wants to talk to Victoria P and she says she doesn't want to talk to him...they go outside and she's pissed because he just said that he was influenced in sending Alayah home which she feels was a dig at her. And now they're having an argument about Alayah...deja vu. 

The girls are trying to say that she came back to get back on the show and she is saying she came back for Peter and to clear her name. They said that she could've cleared her name on Women Tell All. Peter sits with VF and VF tells him the tea about what Alayah did. Sydney sits down and lays it on the line...he knows NOTHING about her because they can't spend anytime focusing on that cause all they focus is on the other drama. 

In the middle of his interview, he says "too tight" about his shirt and tie...or is it the claws of Alayah? I guess we'll need to wait to see next week. My dad thinks Peter needs to call his mom.


Thursday, January 23, 2020

series | closet staples from target

This time of year always makes me think about organization and cleaning things out (I said think...not do, btw-lol) and that makes me think about closet staples. So I decided to hit the mall with Jen (yayyyyyy my assistant is back for one night only!) and put together staple pieces from four different spots!

The pieces that I decided are staples are;

*light jeans
*dark jeans
*black jeans
*a white tee
*a black tee
*black cardigan/black blazer
*a little black dress

and then I went on IG and asked you guys to drop your closet staples;

*jean jacket
*leather jacket
*long cardigan
*spanx leggings
*white tees
*good jeans

So with that in mind, Jen and I hit the stores. I'll be honest, Target was where I thought we would struggle with narrowing down our items, but it wasn't as great as we wished. Here's what we found!

Jen and I agree that a good pair of black jeans can have rips in them, so we picked out these (don't mind Target's gross mirror-lol!) 

A good white tee is a MUST! You should have a couple different varieties in your closet and this one is really good. The thickness is perfect-can't see your bra. Not a huge fan of the pocket, but Jen said this would be the one she would reach for, so we went with it!

white tee w/ pocket: $5.60 *sale

Now, these pants are not something I would keep in my closet. It could be because I grabbed the regular and should've went with a long, but these a straight basic jean. I tend to gravitate towards the skinny jean or jegging for me personally. But I wanted to throw in a straight jean as I know more and more people are starting to wear em.

straight jeans: $27.99

I think a duster cardigan is an absolute must. It pairs well for a night out or to throw over leggings to head for coffee after yoga. This one is not only practical with the belt, but it's SO freaking soft. This is the standout piece from Target for sure.

duster cardigan: $15 *sale

A black cardigan is something that everyone at any age needs. This one was a good find, pretty soft too. And it wasn't bulky, so it can be worn for any occasion.

black cardigan: $24.99

Popping these in your closet you would be off to a good start with having some staples! What's one thing you saw that you'd pop in your closet? Check back next week to see what I found at Old Navy cause there was SO many good things!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | Week Three

Week three...I kinda can't believe it's already week three, but here we are. Okay, #champsgate was last week, let's see if this week will bring us a new dumb topic to get hung up on. 

One on One: with Victoria P

with the reallll cute jeans...Peter is showing her around his hometown aka LA/Calabasas. They hit a country store to get stuff to go line dancing. Then they end up at the Canyon to line dance and of course have a private country concert in the middle of the day. Pete is a really good line dancer tbh and I know nothing about line dancing beside the Cotton-Eye Joe. (They've kissed twice by this point...) Peter says things on these dates like "I think I found my dance partner for life" and it's like my man, you really are jumping in. Here for it. 

Oh brother...HA and Kelsey are going to talk. Kelsey does NOT like being called a bully you guys, she isn't down for that. Even tho she used "unkind words" to describe HA. Hmmm, I think that's a type of bullying. But okay, cool. KELSEY SAID "I DON'T EVEN LIKE CHAMPAGNE" OMFG. Their conversation is a freaking joke. They are just talking at each other. The preview for tonight's ep, shits about to pop off and a rose gets taken away. Here for thissss drams you guys.

Back to the ONO with VP and she is sharing her really sad life story. Her mom had her own demons and it seems like she had to grow up fast to help raise her sister. Peter is being incredibly sweet and kind to her-which obvi he should, but honestly I see Victoria P being around for quite some time. They look really great together and I think he would protect her. VP gets a rose! They sneak into a place to make out and Peter grabbed a whole lot of her tushy...

Group Date w/:

Kiera which is actually Kiarra
(we should count how many names I spell wrong...actually don't. I can't care that much...)

So before the date card shows up, Aaliyah is saying that she can put on face when she needs to...let's see what unfolds with that, shall we?

Demi shows up and gives the girls all jammies to go to a crazy ass in the ring pillow fight. Holy shit, Tammy and Kelley square up and Tammy literally THROWS down. But remember from her package on ep one-she kicks major ass. She was disqualified cause holy god she tackled Kel. Omg, this shit got real wild. Demi picked who she thought should throw down and it was Aaliyah and Sydney. Sy was grabbing her hair and thew her down on the ground all while Peter yelled "show me you want it!'  which makes me think he has some crazy ass fetish...(another kiss to add to the count!) 

Alone time with Aliyah (is that right?) A pageant girl which we know can be trouble with a capital T. He's into her tho-thinks she's mega sweet and what not. 
The rest of the girls are not into her, think she's playing a game (which my dad keeps saying "it is a game!" we're a sports family.) Sydney is trying to call her out on if she's being a pageant princess or her real self right now and A is saying like "oh totally...cause it's hard to drop that ya know?" And I get it, but it seems like sometimes she is faking a little. Then again, I'm a HUGE believer in don't waste your alone time on point out things about someone else. That's a waste of your time. 

He's really into Kelley...really into Tammy (kiss count added on three more-A, Kelley, and Tammy) now he's sitting with Sydney and she's dishing about what she thinks about A and her being fake. So Peter decides to cut through the BS and confronts her in front of the rest of the girls. Now A and Sy are fighting. A went and spoke with Peter and now he believes her too. He is a confused man and quite frankly I am too. Not a man, just confused. Sydney gets the rose!

Cocktail Party-which turns out to be a POOL PARTY:
 cause we have to keep this drams going...Peter shows up and isn't in his normally chipper self, so he grabs Sydney to apologize and chat. (they kissed) All of the girls are spilling tea right now on A...every single girl. Sy is wearing the worst pants I've ever seen in my whole 35 years. Only Britney Spears circa 2001 should wear pants like that. 

Okay, here's my dad's take on tonight's drams..Sydney is cute, but not as pretty as A and she feels threatened. Sydney is trying to push A out cause she wants to have them drop like flies to get a better spot with Peter...I need to know, do you agree with his thinking? 

Now Peter is with Madison is talking about anything, but the drama...mostly about their last date. And how much he thinks about her. And he feels v confidently about her. (they kissed.)

He's sitting with ALAYAH...that's how we freaking spell it...WOW, I messed it up all along. Okay, so he is still into her and they kissed. Idk guys, this episode is kinda dumb. 

OHHH SHIT...soooo Peter pulls Victoria P aside and says that he take her opinion into account. She knew her a little prior to this and Alayah asked her to not tell producers that they knew each other. VP is saying that A is open to all the opportunities that come after this is "IG INFLUENCER" and stealing all my freaking brand deals. Peter is back with sitting with her again and now he's dropping the tea about what he's heard. Her nails are chipped and I don't like that. Her reasoning about why she didn't want the producers to know doesn't make any sense. Hannah Brown and what's her name knew each other prior and if anything, it made a freaking storyline. A LONG STORYLINE. Peter walks away and now Alayah is crying on the ground. Chris is here to drop the bomb that Pete has went home and will see them all later at the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony:

Hannah Ann
*PETER WALKS OUT* two roses are left...Mykenna, Alayah, Alexa, are the ones that I know that are left...just cause I know their names. Mykenna just cause I see her on TikTok a lot. 
Okay, he back...leggo.
Chris comes out and takes one of the roses away...DUMDUMDUMMMMM...
Mykenna stays! 

Did I miss some names...what happened to Lauren and Victoria F? They were in my bracket, god damn it. Wait, he's having a convo with a producer and he may bring her back (in the future it feels like!)

Okay, next week will POP OFF. Victoria F (who is still here, I just missed it I guess..) is on a date and the singer is someone she dated?! TF?!! YES, DRAMMAAAAAA. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | Week Two

Okay, we back bitches! Right where we left off HB & Peter on a couch talking about coming back to the house. He is rubbing her back and they are sitting so close...I've never sat like that with an ex (well if I did, it lead somewhere that it shouldn't have.) He just said "I can't do this" I guess this is a wrap, kids. 

So Peter cuts the day portion of the date short, the girls aren't happy. And I get it! 100%, they're right. They put their lives on hold to have a chance with him and HB his ex gf keeps showing up. And this time around it was ABC's doing. Now onto the evening part of the date. One of them is particularly pissed-I don't remember her name, but I get where she's coming from. 

Sydney is going to spill her guts-we've got our first one! She is interracial and dealt with bullying...which made her a strong individual. I like her. She's v sweet and pretty-they kissed (keeping track cause it matters haha!) 

He's into Mykenna, lifted her up on the counter, making out, and he made a weird "ooh" noise. I like her dress, but she's a fashion IGer, so duh of course I do. 


Cocktail Party: 
I'll be honest nothing throws me off then this new structure, I remember the days when it was dates, blah blah, bullshit, and then the episode always ended with a rose ceremony. It buttoned up the episode nicely. But now we willynilly throw them around. Anywaysss, Lexi's dress has plastic straps. It's confusing to me. Does anyone understand them? She was the one that didn't get a date this week. He had a gift for her of her entrance (a little red convertible-cute). I want her to wear more mascara I think. KISSING AGAIN. 

Kelsey brought champs cause she got it on her bday? I need to see what kind it it Dom Perignon? If it's not, I'm going to be not impressed. Ohh Mykenna swooped in and took him...Kelsey calm down, you want that champs to be cold girl. THEY FIGHTIN NOW. Mykenna brought out syrup and whipped cream...what happens? This fight is lame, like it wasn't that disrespectful, there's no signup sheet for time, damn Kelsey calm down. Instead of fighting with her, here's an idea...go grab him now. 

He's with Madison now and it feels like they're bf/gf. He is saying how much he loved slow dancing with her. His fam loves her already. He is surprising her with...a framed picture of his family and her. That's sups cute, but sups OFFICIAL DAMNNNN. Madison is the one to beat. 

Kelsey had her contour touched up (and I've seen some spoilers) something happens. OMG SOMEONE IS STEALING IT. Hannah Ann and Peter just got caught champs handed. Kelsey's friends are pissed. Kelsey is CRYING (sidebar, it is Dom). Peter goes to see if he can console her and she says nah. She's still crying...oh gosh, she's really upset. NOW she's stormed outside to scream at HA in front of Peter. Peter is trying to talk to her and she just keeps saying "I['m really upset" over and over. Oh and "I set that up". Now there's a bottle of Prosecco that they're opening together. People are cheering-dumb. Drinking from the bottle and she gets it everywhere and I'm dead. I'm dying. HOLY SHIT. She's now crying again and fighting w/ HA. Hannah Ann is a repeater too and saying "I've acknowledged your feelings and I apologize" god, these girls are broken records. 

Rose Ceremony time! 
Phew, thank god. I'm going to do my best to speed type these names without my dad yelling them to me from the next room (cause he's on vacation!) 
Victoria P
Sarah (I had no idea there was a Sarah..)
Hannah Ann aka HA
Alyahha (still spelled that wrong)
Deann (is that right?)
Victoria F
they should have to wear nametags

Group Date:
I missed the names. It's DVRed & I'm not going back to jot them down-#layz it's my brand, but HA and Kelsey are both on it.
They're at Revolve aka the store for all the Bachettes when they get off. They get to go to every Revolve event and wear all the new arrivals. Janice Dickinson and Carson from Queer Eye are there to give them a challenge. They're modeling in a Revolve fashion show. Hannah G (my fave from Colton's season) is shook somewhere (Mexico, I know cause I follow her on IG). The girls are styling themselves for the fashion show and this is a cute group date. The weird quiet one, what's her name, is being shy and awkotaco. And she's crying in the interview-goodness, maybe I should be counting the crying. Nah, then this would be come a post about "kissing", then "crying", repeat. 

Peter walked the runway-yikes, ha! Winner of this gets the whole Revolve closet to set their post-Bachelor Instagram career off on the right foot. HA WORE A WEDDING DRESS. Revolve makes wedding dresses??? Dylan-Hannah G's fiancĂ© HIDE YOUR EYES. Victoria F-shy girl, killed itttttt! Kelsey gave Peter a bottle of Andre-that's $4 champs, that's a drop from the Dom. SHY GIRL IS KISSING HIM IN NEXT TO NOTHING-she isn't shy anymore. Hannah Ann won and will be the next famous IGer from the Bachelor franchise...oh wait, that's not what the competition is about. 

Peter and Victoria F are having a private, quiet moment cause she's feeling insecure cause he has stronger outgoing connections already. Now he's with Kelsey with the CHEAPEST CHAMPS. He said "very classy this time" bahaha, all that foam. HA gives me Jesus camp vibes, like I'm waiting for her to put on a tee shirt and start singing "Jesus Loves Me" next to a campfire. I think it's her face. 

So HA throws Kelsey under the bus for bullying her over #champsgate. They kiss and he says I like you, he says I like you. He gives the rose to Victoria F and HA looks pissed. 

Peter is pulling Kelsey aside to discuss #champsgate and I can't wait to put this behind us. Wait, those chandlers are gorgeous-woah, so pretty! Kelsey is trying to get Peter to see that HA doesn't act like the way she does in front of him like she does in the house. Peter looks so confused and kinda like "why did I sign up for this?" Nothing was resolved, awesome, #champsgate lives on! I need Kelsey to drink more water...she cries SO MUCH. Stop with the champs, drink water. Her pee is probably bright yellow. 

Tonight was an annoying, crying rollercoaster...but I was here for it. The preview has BOTH of them crying, mother of Mary...Kleenex has to sponsor this freaking show. Let's chat in the comments and please send me champs,