Thursday, January 20, 2022

gift guide | galentines!


cause let's face it, celebrating your girlfriends is best! Galentines is the day where you celebrating your best friends and the ladies in your life and show them a little extra appreciation. I wanted to throw together a little gift guide to help you get started on your shopping ;)

lip butter | Etsy

forever galentine candle | Etsy *so many scents from old library books to tropical vibes

conversation heart soaps | Etsy

makeup bag | Etsy *different sayings & fonts

smiley face slippers | Amazon 

moisturizing gloves & booties | Amazon *I really want these!

truly lip plumping mask | Amazon 

tweezerman eyelash curler | Amazon *this is having a moment rn

best of lashes set | tarte *code: thelayzblonde to save 15%

now if you think there's nothing wrong with treating yourself with any of these things as well, you are your galentine, too ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

and just like that...I have a lot of thoughts. | a sex & the city reboot review


phew a lot to unpack here, let's dive in.

Miranda; ooookay...welp. She is going for it. I'm a big believer in if you aren't in the situation you are in anymore, then leave that situation before you start something else. Clearly she isn't happy with Steve and that life, no reason to destroy him and his heart like this in the process. V INTERESTED IN THIS CONVO HAPPENING NEXT. 

*speaking of Steve, I read an article, we aren't the only ones who agree that he is being done dirty, the writers know they turned him into a fucking annoying, mombojumbo 

Charlotte; speaking up for herself, finally and not being annoying. Phew took awhile, but we are here. I'm so confused by why everyone had to go to the fundraiser and why she put Carrie up for bid (if the roles were reversed, she would NEVER let Carrie put her up if Harry died and she was alone.)

Carrie; the date. OOf. I'm not into this at all and the fact that it's her publisher pushing her? Her column was just as much about her friends as it was about her. She could add a spin about she's watching the people around her grow into their own or their thriving in their relationships and that's giving her a glimmer of hope for her own future and that she won't remain in this sad place. There use that. I know they need a plot line, but man, Big you are getting done dirty my guy.

Excited for tomorrow's episode which apparently I'm just like Steve and I have no idea which number it is and talk a lot of mumbojumbo ;) catch ya in DMs, xo

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

and just like that...I have a lot of thoughts. | a sex & the city reboot review


So I kinda liked this week's episode! It was fun, had moments of comedy, some drams, fashion-galore (little faux-paw; Carrie's Diwali look), and overall was great. Let's dive in shall we?

Miranda; is going through it, but is also owing her shit-for the most part. Not w/Steve so it seems. I really love her teacher and that whole story line (as an added bonus). Her hair is just great-I had to throw that in there. I CRINGEDDDD big time when she DMed Carrie's boss. I can't wait to see what happens next there.

Charlotte; old Char is back! AND I'M HERE FOR IT. Lily is the voice of reason and I'm obsessed with her. Rock is really find their own and I love it. 

The picnic fight was a little epic and I like that Carrie was like "nope, come back. Need to move on" THAT IS WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED WITH SAMANTHA. (I'll never let it go...sorry.)

Carrie; well her new apartment sucks-it's just so not her. Neither of the Carries we saw this week; 55 year old Carrie and 30 old Carrie AFTER that "this could be you for a price, Carrie." I cried when she opened up the records in the storage unit. But come on man, the movers didn't label the effing boxes?!

I feel like I don't have tooo many notes this week, but just that I really liked the episode as a whole. Now, I did learn that there is a preview for next week and well lets's just say I don't think I'll have the same feelings? idk let's chat, xo

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

and just like that...I have a lot of thoughts. | a sex & the city reboot review


well, I'm happy to say I'm not alone in how I'm feeling after the first 4 eps of the reboot! We've had some great chats in my DMs on IG about the show so far and I can't wait to hear your thoughts after ep 5. Let's dive right in...


Dare I say this episode felt like season 4 of SATC a times? It had little glimmers of my girls and I was here for it...! BUT I wasn't obsessed or head over heels in love, now with that being said, there is a sense of peace I feel seeing the gals on the screen again. 

Carrie; her plot line this ep was decent. She had some funny little moments, good fashion, and she reached out to/talked about Samantha. I hate to say it those were my favorite parts of the show this week. I kept waiting for her to grieve the fact that Big wouldn't be there to care for her after her surgery, but she never made mention of him. (then or at all really...)

Miranda; gf is really having her moments! I cringed BIG time at the book-did she buy it or did Charlotte send it? It wouldn't be out of character for Char to send it, but then Miranda mentions her "drunk buying it" and it made me wonder. I WAS INTERNALLY SCREAMING AT THE KITCHEN SCENE. OH. EM. GEE. Poor Steve, poor Miranda, poor Carrie. AND thennnn what Che says after??? Fuckkkk, yikes. Major yikes. (did anyone else feel like this was a throwback revenge moment for when Carrie sent Aiden to help Miranda when her back went out and she was naked on the bathroom floor? like yes, v different scenarios and both unplanned, but I jumped there when Carrie dropped the pee in the bed and was in pain.) Good for her for finally saying out loud that she is stuck in her life.

Charlotte; didn't annoy me that much this week! She was more of her old self and that was probably why I was more on board when she was on the screen. Who knew she was so strong? Also, Rock's TikTok coming out song was catchy. Lily is v adorable too-love her!

I'm v excited for this next episode...oh wait a second. WHY THE FUCK DOES IT END WITH HER SAYING "and just like that, it's 3 months later?" what time machine are they in that it's jumping this quick? Big's body is ice cold now...Carrie looked fuego in that last scene, but ep 5 going to start and Steve & Miranda are divorced? Like shit has gone down. UGH, okay okay, one more day, cannot wait for the next ep, but until then, catch me in DMs to chat about ep 5, xo

Thursday, December 30, 2021

and just like that...I have a lot of thoughts. | a sex & the city reboot review


I'm a SATC super fan. I've seen every episode at least 30 times, I had party to celebrate (mourn) the series finale, the first drink I ordered when I turned 21 was a cosmo. I was raised by Carrie & when they decided to reboot naturally I was THRILLED. 

I asked on IG if you all wanted me to share my HONEST thoughts about the reboot and it was a whopping 100% vote for yes. So kick off your Mohonlos, pour a cosmo, and sit back cause...I have thoughts.

I saw the pics online, I heard whispers of what could happen, I knew the drama between the queen SJP and Kim C. But to say I wasn't prepared for how eps 1-4 (I'm writing this Weds night) have played out is a bit of an understatement.


Samantha; it was NO secret that SJP and KC weren't friends off screen. Money, screen time, storylines, whatever the case may be, there wasn't endless love-so when they said Kim wasn't coming back, I was a little sad. SATC is 4 women at its core, but I could see past it as it's top 2 fave shows of all time. As the first eps drew near I was getting almost excited to see what they would do with Samantha's character...what was the reason she wasn't there? WELL LET ME TELL YOU HOW DISAPPOINTED I AM. There is no way that the reason they gave would be the reason Carrie and Samantha would end a 30 year friendship. They had ONE FUCKING FIGHT (that we knew of) over the course of 30 years (over Carrie walking in on Samantha giving a BJ in her office) and you are going to tell me that Samantha who is a HELL of a business woman dropped Carrie cause she wasn't going to write books anymore? Carrie said "no more books, no more need for PR" (which is dumb, she could've needed PR for her IG, brand, done her own podcast, etc) and Samantha said "fine, fuck you and fuck our 2 other friends, I'm OUT!"?! No. Nope. Nah. Talk about LAYZ writing. Stanford's exit-RIP Willie :( (the reason NOT how he did it, Berger pt 2) was much more of a reason for Samantha to be gone. No need for the drama, she is off managing a TikTok star in Japan would've worked WAY better for her. OR have her pass away from Cancer. 

Big; this was spoiled for me prior to watching, but it doesn't mean it didn't hurt any less and I wasn't SOBBING. NOW with that being said, it should've happened later in the series. Ep 3 after we got to see Big & Carrie as a married couple which we never actually got to experience. They went from Paris, to planning a wedding, to broke up, to married, to dealing with the Aiden kiss...we never ever ever got to see how they worked as a couple. I really we never got to see that over the whole show. Carrie was always chasing Big-which is the plot and the reason he is "Big", BUT give us that. Build it up more, make it sadder. I also needed Miranda to put on the lawyer hat for a smile of a sec in that will reading and say "maybe it was in the prenup" while seeing Natasha in the will. Did love Carrie chasing Natasha around the city, lol.

Miranda/Steve/Brady; I get it, boys can have less boundaries, but for the love of god, SAY something when you can hear them fucking in the room next to yours. Make him respect you just a little. Please. 

Steve; yikes my guy. you went from likable doof who we were rooting for, to annoying guy who can't hear and is just there yelling for his ice cream? oof.

Miranda; v excited for her upcoming storyline to see her explore her sexuality! Bummed about her drinking problem, but feel like she has a lot on her plate in typical Miranda fashion. 

Charlotte; this will be the meanest thing in the post...I hate her. Ever since the movies, she just has become so dumb and throw away. I saw a glimmer of smart Char when she was explain the pieces of art at the bday dinner and I was SO happy, but for the most part she is just playing a Park Ave wife and it's driving me mad. She is more than this and I want her to want more. She also would have researched when Rose said she didn't want to be called a girl anymore and not just spoken to Anthony. if you're going to make her be overly perfect and cross all the Ts/dot all the Is in all other spots, let's keep it across the board. OH AND, she shits on Miranda's hair before her first day of school in such a rude way...I happen to think Miranda's hair looks so great. What type of friend just rude says "you're going to dye your hair before school, right?" UGH, BE BETTER, CHAR.

Harry; is the best character in this reboot!! Charlotte's best line was; "you better not be holding on to the wall!" when he came in skateboarding.

I have two random thoughts to end this week's review; 

* Carrie barely used her flip phone, didn't want a new phone, couldn't send an email at one point and now I am to believe that she is 55 with two phones? and on IG? ...yeah, no. (also why does she have two phones?)


If you made it this far, I love you v much & please let's chat in the comments and keep this going. I'll share my thoughts next week on ep 5 of AJLT...until then, I'm rewriting Samantha's plot line, xo

*image is from google 

Sunday, December 19, 2021

2021 gift guides | last minute gifts


Christmas literally snuck up on me. Idk if it was cause I went to LA for 40 hours or what, but I literally bought all my gifts on the early morning-we're talking 1am of the 18th...and then I did a poll and all of you seem to have the last minute blues as well and begged for ideas, so here we are! 

Now if these don't show up in time in the wise words of my savior "don't blame me" ;)

bose quietnoise cancelling earbuds | Amazon *my dad bought these for himself for his bday & he is OBSESSED! they will arrive the next day!

10 piece cocktail set | Amazon

cocktail drink challenge set | Amazon

foreo UFO masks | Amazon

simple modern water bottle 32oz | Amazon

simple modern cup 28oz | Amazon  

elf jet set hydration kit | Amazon

gallery wall kit | Amazon

JBL portable speaker | Amazon

It Ends With Us *or anything by Colleen Hoover | Amazon

be sure to check out the other gift guides to as there are def some things on those that can get to you in time & Target was prettyyyy stocked when I ran there at 10pm the night before my Dad's bday to get his prezzies...ugh, last minute Kayla is a bit all over the place! 

ps, I'll get a small bit of coin from any of the links, but that just means I love you big big! XO!

Monday, November 22, 2021

skincare routine


I had finally (!) shared my skincare routine on IG stories last week after it was the MOST asked (next to my current makeup routine-you all love a routine) thing in the question box. So here are the products I use as well as some gift sets so you can stock up or find some new goodies-this is how I always stumble on the products! 

It Cosmetics confidence in a cream | Ulta

day to night gift set | Ulta

love your skin gift set | Ulta

protect + glow Tula sunscreen | Tula

time to delight gift set | Tula 

my toner is something I grab at the spa where I get my facials/dermaplanning-asking my esthetician if she sells this outside of the spa & will report back here *UPDATE: Elizabeth WILL ship my toner and anything else she has in the spa, $7 flat shipping-check her out on IG:skinserendipitydayspa  :) xo

*I'll get a small bit of coin for any links used-<3 you big time!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

2021 gift guides | for the pups


my pups live for new toys...mostly cause they destroy their them, haha! I asked on IG what you all wanted to see & this was one of the most requested so August and Mika put their paws together to come up with some of their fave toys and show you what is on their wishlist:

2 in 1; Monsieur Acorn | Amazon

3 in 1; Raccoon | Amazon 

bullymake controller | Amazon *Mika's wishlist pick

starbarks sweet pup cold brew | Amazon *August's wishlist pick

fortune plush | PetSmart

greenies | PetSmart

Zuke's natural tree treats | PetSmart

any toys listed come in med and large dog sizes as well, I just have little pups! I love giving the puppies gifts every couple of gifts Christmas morning or throughout the day to watch them play with new things, it's just so fun, xo

*links will give me a bit of $ but Auggie and Mika love ya bunches!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

2021 gift guides | stuff those stockings!


this can sometimes be the hardest thing to check off the to do list, but stocking stuffers are soooo fun! 

* fenty lil gloss bombs | Sephora (these are a hit on TikTok)

* Pat McGrath lip trio | Sephora (comes in Rose too!)

* foot mask | hand mask | Sephora

* laneige mini set | Sephora (break this up to stuff more stockings!)

* cleaning gel | Amazon 

* blank comic book | Amazon 

* beer chiller sticks | Amazon 

* silk hair tie | Nordstrom

* you're the sh*t candle | Nordstrom

* barefoot dreams socks | Nordstrom (a must!) 

stockings are just so fun & the possibilities to stuff them are kinda endless. I'll add to this list as I find stuff, xo!

links will get me a little bit of $, but I love you big time <3

Monday, October 25, 2021

2021 gift guides | must have gift sets

 there isn't many things on this list that I don't have my eye on! I think gift sets are the best excuse to stock up on your fave items too, so ahead and trick yourself, sis-you deserve it ;)

* truly buns & boobies mini gift set | Target

* holler & glow sleep set | Target

* living proof perfect hair day set | Nordstrom 

* CT pillow talk on the go eye & lip set | Nordstrom 

* glow recipe bestsellers kit | Sephora 

* diorshow mascara set | Sephora

* tatcha dewy cleanse & hydrate | Sephora 

* lash and brow serum set | Sephora

* bow & go maracuja juicy lip duo | Tarte

* best sellers set | Tarte 

* Chanel set | Ulta

* face lift in a bag | Ulta

I could go on and on cause there are SO many good sets out there, but these are the ones that will wow anyone on your list that has you stumped or again make a nice little pick me up gift, xo!

I make a little dolla off of these links & that makes me holla!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

2021 gift guides | for the beauty lover


you already know this was my faveee to put together! some of my everyday faves, things I want, a luxe item that I want everyone to have...let's just get to the links;

* mini mirror | vanity planet (not pictured)

* Olaplex gift set | Sephora (the best excuse to stock up!)

code: thelayzblonde to save 15% off 

* Peppy Co 3 in 1 Face Shield Mask | PeppyCo

* Revlon Hair Drier Brush | Amazon | Ulta

any of these would brighten the day of a beauty lover, I promise! I'll be added more links to LTK as I find more things that I add to my wish list, xo

I'll get a commish from these links & it'll allow me to buy more makeup to share with you. Love you forevs <3

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

2021 gift guide | for you mans


the most requested gift guide! cause men are impossible to shop for (it's not cause I know what men want clearly, lol) I picked a little of this and a little of that for this one!

(psa: I have no idea what this smells like! the bottle would just look fantastic on a dresser/bathroom shelf!)

* Jack Black the daily shave kit | Sephora

* coffee grinder | William Somona

* Herschel beanie | Nordstrom

* BlackBeard Oil | Etsy

* Avengers playing cards | Amazon

* North Face Slippers | Nordstrom

* The Crafty Cocktail Whiskey Set | Etsy

* Leather Wallet | Barrington Gifts

* ball markers | pins & aces

bonus, I linked some other finds; perfect ice cube tray being one of them (!) on LTK & will continue to add things as I see em, cause let's be honest they'll never give you a list...! XO

most of these links will hook me up in a small way meaning me love you long time ;)

Monday, October 18, 2021

2021 gift guides | for the homebody


this is all for the person who loves to stay home, stay cozy, or loves a good night in! from things for your coffee bar to a Paine family fave game-I've got you covered ;)

* blank slate | Amazon (we love this game!)

* Maman Cookbook | Amazon (Mikhaila & I LOVE this cafe!)

any of these would be the perfect gift on their own or a great starter for a basket! if you pick something up, let me know in the comments, xo!

these are affiliate links & I will make a very small commish which means I'll love you for long time!