Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fall Skincare Routine with Derma-E!

 It's no secret that Derma-E products are a staple around my house and recently I've hooked on trying to get my skin to look younger and more full. The key to reversing your skin age is collagen, that's the secret ingredient! Cue my new fall skincare lineup. 


Advanced Peptides & Collagen Eye Cream

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Oil

Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer

Advanced Peptide & Collagen Serum

All of the pics of me are completely unedited to show just how my skin is looking after using these for weeks now!

Starting off with the Anti-Wrinkle Oil on a fresh & clean face, I put about 1/3 of the dropper into my palms and rub them together to heat the oil up a bit.

Then I press the oil all over my face. Pressing and not rubbing is the best way to get the product evenly distributed all over. 

Treat tip: if I have extra time, then I'll go in with the big roller on my jade roller all over my face to help get the oil soaked in and add in a nice little treat for my face!

Next step is the Advanced Peptides & Collage Serum which is something I use every single day under my makeup no matter what routine I'm doing. This is by far my favorite serum I've ever used! A must purchase in my opinion. 

Going in with the Advance Peptides & Collagen Eye Cream next, always use the ring finger to apply anything to your face (it has the least amount of pressure!). 

Treat tip; Use the small side of the jade roll to depuff under your eyes and help get the product soaked in. 

Last, but certainly not least the Advanced Peptides & Collage Moisturizer. I like to put dots of this all over my face and neck and then work into my skin in a slight circle motion pushing gently.

& of course, once your skincare routine is take fun selfies, duh!

What product do you want to try? What products do you love to use to get your skincare to look younger? Let's chat in the comments! 


xo, Kayla

*ps; a huge thank you to Derma-E for sending me these to try, all of these opinions are my own!

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Shit I...a new series

In an effort to get this revival of tlb going, I figured I would do a very real series with the shit I've bought/am loving/can't live without/use in certain places/hate, etc...Each week or so, I'll post a new installment of the series complete with links to shop! 

This week's is all about the shit I can't live without-the stuff that I use constantly, my tried and trues, my ride or dies, my I tell everyone to use this get the point.

Mario Baduesco Drying Lotion
L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara
Amika Bust Your Brass Shampoo
Olaplex No 3 Leave In Treatment
Wow Dream Coat Humidity Treatment
Degree Clinical Strength Summer Deodorant
Morphe Continous Setting Spray
Simple Micellar Water Makeup Wipes

Seriously if these products were to up and disappear tomorrow, I would be lost! What's something that you can't live without? 

xo, Kayla

*links are affiliate; me love you long time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Waking up with DERMA-E!

If you've been following me on IG for a while then you know lately I've started to become absolutely OBSESSED with anything DERMA-E and this new Vitamin C collection is no different. DERMA-E products are dermatologist recommended, proven, and effective. These products have really helped start by day with proven clean beauty.

Here's the products I've been using; 

Vitamin C Gentle Daily Cleansing Paste
Vitamin C Concentrated Serum
Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer
Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches
Microdermabrasion Scrub

I've been using the serum and moisturizer religiously every single morning. They smell great and it feels good knowing that my skin is off to a great start even if I'm only headed to the living room. I like to use the serum first; 1 or 2 pumps on my finger tips and then I press into my cheeks, nose, forehead. Then I do about 2-3 pumps of the moisturizer and press across my whole face. Pro tip; always press your serum and moisturizer into your skin cause that's how your face will really obsorb it. And I didn't know this until last year, but it's okay to layer your products! 

The Cleansing Paste was the product that was the one I was most intrigued to try. This is the most gentle paste I've ever used. It's not heavy at all and it lays nicely on the skin as a mask for about 3-10 minutes. After my skin felt so clean and fresh.

The product I was most hyped about was of course the Hydro Gel Patches. These are probably the thickest of all the patches I've ever tried (& I've tried a lottttt) and they do not move. After I took these off, my dark circles and wrinkles were GONE. My skin felt so hydrated for hours after I took them off. I cannot wait to wear these again.

Hydro gel patches even stay on during a little impromptu photo shoot ;) 

The scrub is my new fave part of my Sunday selfceare routine. It definitely left my face a little red, but it has never felt smoother and the effects last well into the week ahead. My skin felt so fresh and it smells like a dream!

Where to buy; 

I can't recommend this whole collection enough for anyone who is looking for clean and refreshing skincare as we head into the warmer months. Let me know in the comments which product you want to try,

*this post was brought to you in part with DERMA-E, but all opinions are my own!

Thursday, March 26, 2020


I promised this last week on IG stories and let's face it...either you are super motivated rn now or you're not. And I'm in the not category. Idk I just can't seem to get my mindset differently after the workday, but here is the list of TV Shows and I'll get movies and series ready and get that out ASAP too!

Remember the biggest thing you can do right now is be kind-to yourself and others. Stay inside & stay safe my babes! I'm going to be on stories more THIS I PROMISE YOUUUUUUU. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | finale night two & after the final rose

Okay, so the live bit starts out and they intro Kelley...what is she doing there? Neil Lane is there and Peter's fam, obvi-the umbilical cord doesn't go far. 

Back to Australia...P is saying that his true love is HA and they have that strong, real connection. Guess it's her-at this moment. Buckle in, I think we're in for it. 

Neil is there w/Pete and he is picking out Hannah Montana's ring cause he is 100% sure. I wish the ring didn't have the little pave diamonds around it, just one big one is just fine. WOAH, he is asking HA's dad for permission and his blessing. Shit balls, is he asking her to marry him and then going to pull a Jason? Yeah, yup, shit is going now. Fuck. Wait, is HA going to dump him? I NEED TO KNOW. (I'm sorry this will be a mess...cause well this is a mess) 

Hannah Anne laying on her bed in her gown is me. Chris showing up is never good. HE SAID "I'm not positive she's coming" Well now that Peter is ready to pass out and die, Chris changes his tune...HA is en route, people. 

Hannah Anne greets Chris as Chris Harrison...glad we're on a full name basis after all this time. 

GUYS, he picked HA and she is as shocked as I am. Her jaw is on the floor...and mine is too. He is proposing. She accepted the rose. Okay, it's a wrap, right? 


Okay, Peter is going to tell his family and his mom has lost her marbles. I can't imagine crying like that-well I can, I had the same reaction anytime I saw Buggy when she was in the hospital :( 
His mom is acting like she won 500,000,000 dollars. Wow, she hates Madi. They're FTing the Webbers and his mom is yelling "how is our daughter?" 

 Every time they show Barb live, she looks PISSED. Okay, live Pete, looks happy. His scar has seemed to been to a plastic surgeon...looks a gazillion times better. 

HA and P are seeing each other in LA for the first time in a month...they tension is weird. MEGA WEIRD. Peter calls HA his rock and she says she wants to be that for him, but she wants to know that he wants her to be there for him. He is completely struggling. He was never cut out for this shit, she is so in love with him and wants him and he just can't be all in for her. It's upsetting to watch. Side bar: Hannah Anne has perfect lips. Okay, back to it, she's asking for it to be 50/50 and she will stay by his side if it kills her. He has been honest with her and she continue to stays with him. Oh shit, they're breaking up...she wants his whole heart and he can't give it to her. She is saying you took away my first engagement from me....they have Barb in a small screen live and she is not happy. 

HA is pissed..."why didn't you just let me go?" GOOD FOR HER, sticking up for herself like this. Put him in his place, girlfriend. BARB IS SHAKING HER HEAD IN AGREEMENT WITH WHAT HA IS SAYING. "you've done enough damage. I'm done. here you go, here's this" and she is out. HIS MOM IS CLAPPING. He went to hug her and she was like nah. He put his head in the car and she put up her hand and said "leave." SHIT.

HA is coming out now live...oh boy. SIDE HUG, awkward. That was the first time hearing that she didn't have his full heart. HA is speaking so well to him and her points are so freaking valid. Peter is talking in circles. He should've just said let's be bf & gf and try this...that's how he should've ended that last day. OMG HA is saying Peter the first red flag you gave me was needed closer with Hannah Brown & that their engagement involved three women; HA, Madison, and Hannah Brown. FUCK SHE WENT IN. OMG. 

Chris went to Auburn to see Madison. Barbara live in the small screen and she hates Madi, she literally rolled her eyes when Madi said she had days where she couldn't eat cause she was so upset. Madison is asking Chris to tell her what happened. He told her that he got engaged...she is upset. Peter doesn't know Chris is there. Chris is there to tell her P is single...she said is he okay? She is sad for them, thinks it's good...she is in love with him. HIS PARENTS ARE PISSED. Chris thinks Peter would be with Madison in his dream. OMG he is pulling a Jason, people. Melissa tweeted she was liking him less and less, duh, gf-it's your past. 

Eh, I don't love this ending tbh. But Madi is in LA. OUTFIT IS ON POINT. She's here for a second chance. He looks surprised to see her-he thought it would be Chris. They haven't seen each other since that day...but Peter is in love with Madison. His mom isn't clapping. Madison is in love with Peter. Madison talks in circles, just like Peter...they're a match made in heaven.

Peter's journey is ending...and he and Madison are going to take it one day at a time. What a dud. 

His mom hates her-Barb said Madi was three hours late to meet them, didn't say sorry, wouldn't say she loved him, etc. But sheesh, you are a grown ass woman, knock it off. His mom will not even look at him. Madison is sticking up for herself. His mom said "he will have to fail to succeed." Peter said "I'm telling you I love Madison and that should be enough." 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | finale night one

Well well well, here we are! Thank goodness. I read a spoiler to get here to the final two, but haven't read any since-I'm on the edge of my seat. Let's buckle in to this two night ride.

Peter's family says that HA is a lot like him, but they are disappointed in Madi for not telling him her secret sooner. Side bar; Peter's parents are like v in love. 

Family day with HA

HA starts off with saying that she can't wait to tell his parents each way she loves him. It's weird, she's reallyyyyy trying. Oh the mom says "I see us in them!" HA just keeps saying how much she loves Peter and wants the mom to know. She's saying that it's been very hard for her cause he doesn't give it back. 

All in all HA's time was good, but really it didn't wow me or get me any closer to if it's his mom saying "bring her homeee to usssss". 

Family day with Madison

Peter is sitting with Madison and I love her earrings. Peter is saying he has no idea how she feels about him and that she is giving her an ultimatum. Peter said meet me halfway. Madi says that when they were on the building she wanted to do it forever and that she loves him. He is really in love with her. 

OHH SHIT. Peter's mom is LAYING IT OUT. She is basically saying you two are completely different. So to sum up Madi's time with P's fam, they basically didn't see it like he sees it. His dad wasn't over the moon about her like he wanted. He comes back in and his mom has lost her shit. She is a crying mess. SHE SAID "SHE IS NOT THERE FOR YOU." His mom is saying that she said a prayer and that she is a gem...she sees her now. OMG SHE SAID HA is AN ANGEL ON EARTH. 

Okay, Chris said this is on a whole other level. Here we go...well his mom has been crying about Hannah Anne this whole time, didn't see that coming. His mom thinks that who is god has placed there for him, but when Madi was talking about her feelings she was kinda disregarding them. 

Peter is all in on Madi...he said that's who he wants. 



She is saying everything his mom said to her-lifestyle is different, priorities are different. It's all his mom's fault. Hearts are racing, bugs are flying, hearts are now breaking, SO MANY BUGS...she dumped him. Which now makes me think I know how it will end based on what we saw in the previews.

Madi is saying that she wants to be with him, but knows in her heart it's the right thing to do. 

Chris is sitting with Peter and he is asking him if it's over (the journey...) and Peter isn't saying yes and he isn't saying no. 

I feel bad for HA at their last hang out. He isn't all there with her and I get it, but I feel like he would've told her if she was the one. 

Okay, the preview for tomorrow is lining up for what I think will happen...guess we shall see! Until tomorrow babettes,

oh ps-IS THERE A MORE EXTRA PERSON THAN BARB, PETER'S MOM? then again, when I finally bring someone home and say this is them, my family will probably break down too..

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

series | closet staples from old navy

Old Navy is a store for me that is hit or miss, but they really hit it out of the park with having all I was looking for with closet staples. 

Here's what I had in mind when Jen & I hit the store:
*light jeans
*dark jeans
*black jeans
*a white tee
*a black tee
*black cardigan/black blazer
*a little black dress

This was the lightest wash jean I could find that we both agreed we would want in our closets. And I hadn't tried this style yet-Power Slim Straight, High Rise. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked them being I don't love a straight leg typically. I picked the v-neck white tee as that's what I normally grab when I'm looking for a perfect white tee.

lighter wash jeans: $25
v-neck white tee: $10

Jen loves a crew neck white tees, so this was her pick. And I will say that these basics are the perfect thickness-pass the bra test. For the jeans, we grabbed the Rockstar which is my fave and good to style from ON.

rockstar jeans: $30
crew neck white tee: $10

A blazer is a timeless piece. Oversized, fitted, structured, doesn't matter-everyone should have one. I was OBSESSED with this one.

blazer: $44.99

Like I said last week, Jen & I both agree that black jeans are a must and ripped ones are even better. I always feel so bad ass in black jeans...Idk what it is, I just do! I love these so much!

black jeans: $30

Believe it or not, I bought my first jean jacket only a few years ago. I always wanted one, but was afraid I would wear with jeans and then would be wearing denim on denim or a Canadian was a very irrational fear because well I control what I put on my body and don't get dressed in the dark. Anyyyways-this one is SO GOOD! If you're in the market, check this one out ASAP. And I personally loved how I styled this.

jean jacket: $30

A LBD or a little black dress, is a staple for sure. I love this one from Old Navy cause it can be dressed up and dressed down. Jean jacket to dress it down with white sneaks, or throw on some heels, put your hair up, and add some glam earrings.

black dress: $20

What of these are a must in your closet? Let's chat in the comments,

Thursday, February 13, 2020

beauty | Lash Lift & Tint featuring an interview with Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity

If you've been around here for a while, then you know I'm always on the hunt for the next best thing for my lashes. If it's a mascara or a serum, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and give it a try. So when Elizabeth reached out to me about coming to her at home day spa to work on a feature for a lash lift & tint, you know I was all in!

Skin Serendipity Day Spa is located right in Elizabeth's home and has such a cozy vibe. Jen came with me to take pics and jot down all of my questions and the whole process for you babes-seriously best assistant ever! And we instantly felt welcomed and right at home when we headed down into the spa area. 

Complete with a waiting area, the spa is done in gold and creams and just has a very luxe feel about it. I was already beginning to feel relaxed and that was prior to laying on the heated massage table (which is my favorite part of any spa service!) Elizabeth started by explaining each step of the process and let me know that as she was doing the steps she would be walking me through it cause she knows that it can be scary keeping your eyes closed and not knowing what's happening! That was my only fear going into it. But Elizabeth is the most professional, knowledgable, and sweet woman ever-so I instantly knew I was in the best hands & all that anxiety disappeared!

I figured the best way to breakdown my whole experience would be to separate the post into the interview and process let's get into it!


the layz blonde: When did you get started in this industry?

Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity: 5 years ago. I started at Salon Envy and then moved to Hand & Stone, but always knew I wanted to open my own day spa at home when my husband and I bought our house. This is my 1st year at home!

tlzb: When did the lash lift start?

Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity It started in 2017. 

tlbz: What was the need for it? 

Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity: It was to replace mascara and a quick treatment that would last a long time. 

tlbzHow long does it last?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityIt can last a month to 6 weeks depending on lash growth. 

tlbzWhat's the upkeep like?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityNone actually! You can brush your lashes if you really want, but nothing is required. Right after though, you can't get your lashes wet for 8-10 hours and should avoid smushing them when you sleep that first night cause they're still fragile. 

tlbzWhat mascara do you like?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityI tend to reach for Smashbox or Too Faced Better Than Sex.

tlbzOkay, million dollar question...what do you recommend to get mascara completely off?!

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityDefinitely a pre cleanse, like a micellar water. And then any water based cleaner that is safe enough for your skin. 

tlbzYou mentioned you specialize in acne facials, what skincare products do you use?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipitySkincare Rx. It's a great line and it's custom to you. So your products would be different than mine or Jen's. If not Skincare Rx, then anything "clean". I really like Tarte and Tatcha. 

tlbzWhat service do you not currently offer that you want to add?

Dermaplanning and teeth whitening! I just need new a few more credits for that and the machine. 

tlbzWhat's next for Skin Serendipity Day Spa?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityGrowing, expanding, and just continuing to balance being a new mom and run this business. I'm extremely grateful that I get to be able to do both!

Where to find Elizabeth & Skin Serendipity Day Spa:


The whole process takes around 75-85 minutes including the tint to be on the generous side of time. 

Step 1-cleansing the lashes 
Step 2-finding the size of the proper rod. There's 4 size rods; small, medium, large, x-large. Elizabeth says that x-large is like a unicorn cause it's extremely rare! I was a medium!
Step 3-prep the eyes-this includes putting a hydrogel pad under the lower lashes for two reasons; 1-hydration and 2-extra relaxation

Step 1-the rod gets glue to the lid and the lashes get brushed up to the lid and now it's time for the solution to get applied. It may smell (kinda like Nair or a perm). It stays on from 8-10 minutes an eye. Mine stayed on for 8 minutes.
Step 2-after the 8 minutes are up, the lift is removed with water and a Q-Tip. Baby lashes may pop off during this process as they are the freshest and youngest of the bunch. *these baby lashes can be put back on! So now lashes are lost in the process. 
Step 3-now it's time for the setting lotion. This will stay on for half of the time of the solution-so 4 minutes an eye in my case. *while this is sitting, Elizabeth is getting the tint ready.
Step 4-everything comes off with water. The setting lotion, the rod, even the hydrogel pads.

Step 1-color block cream is applied to the lids to make sure that nothing stains. And another set of hydrogel pads are placed on to give a nice canvas.
Step 2-tint is applied to the upper lashes and the lower lashes. Sits on the lashes for 6 minutes.
Step 3-time to remove the tint. This happens with a warm washcloth, wet rag, and then wet Q-Tips to make sure there's nothing else left. 
Step 4-Keritain is brushed on to add strength to the lashes and you are done!

Lash Lift and Tint $80
lasts for 4-6 weeks depending on lash growth

For the month of February, Skin Serendipity Day Spa is running a special for $60 lash lifts & tints, but the first 3 people to DM Elizabeth with code 'LAYZ' to book a lash lift and tint will get a special price of $50!
(must be booked by Feb 29th, service doesn't need to take place by then)

I'm OBSESSED with my lashes. They look amazing and literally like I have a swipe or two of mascara on. I think I'll probably put on a coat or two on my top lashes at some point in the next week or so, but I won't be touching the bottom ones cause they look like they have the perfect mascara on them. I highly recommend a lash lift and tint from Elizabeth at Skin Serendipity Day Spa. I already can't wait to go back for another service and I promise you'll love anything you get done with her!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | week six

Week six, six ladies left. It's going to be a battle to the end I think...

A little sidebar, I read a theory about how this season ends, and if that happens-hold on to your skirts, girls. Cause that will be the MOST DRAMATIC THING EVER TO HAPPEN EVER. 

One on One: with Madison

Prior to the date card, Madison said that she wants to have the talk with him about what it looks like after this & that makes me happy that she is thinking like that. It's easy to get caught up in this. They're going fishing? Oh no, they're walking around a fish village. Nope, they're on a boat now...idk, Madison's jeans are real cute. 

HA & Kelsey-who are now BFFS? Idk, missed that too...#champsgate. are chatting about how Madison is very faith driven and wants a leader of her family who will lead them in faith. It sounds a little like Kelsey is becoming the new Tammy, but let's see. 

Night time, dinner time portion of the date and they're in a bar, dancing. Okay, now we at dinner-phew, I like a structure haha. Madison is finally having a real conversation with Peter and man this is refreshing. I feel like this is what the season has been missing. Madison laid it all on the line with her faith and Peter is being honest right back. He's not as faithful as she is, but he is willing to try it seems. So I guess that's a bonus. OMGGGGG HE JUST TOLD HER HE IS FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER. WOAH. 

Now, I have to say that I don't think Peter was fully honest with Madison about his faith. I think he was desperate to keep the girl who he is really into around cause he's confused. He may not see it as a big deal, but you can tell this meant everything to her. 

One on One: with Natasha

He's really into what the girls think of this scar, huh? I really like Natasha, but just not for him. He just got soooo freaking excited about that you know what I look like when I see cotton candy. 

Back to HA & Kelsey laying on a bed, chit chatting like besties...what the heck? DID I MISS THEM BECOMING PALS? 

Natasha opening up about her family and her brothers being a lot-she's the youngest of 4. 

Dinner portion, okay I wrote nothing about their date, cause there was nothing to really say. There's nothing here between them guys. Natasha is saying that she feels "safe, that they have a strong connection"...and nah, they just good friends. 

No rose for Natasha...who was trying to hang on by a thorn here. 

One on One: with Kelsey

They went ATVing & hiking...and were both mega winded. Cuddled on the side of a hill. I have nothing to offer here...I was reading spoilers and posting on IG. I don't really see this connection, but they think they have it. 

Night portion, Kelsey is opening up about how she is having a relationship with her dad behind everyone else's back. Now she's on national TV and is airing her dirty laundry out. 

Kelsey gets a rose...if she didn't then the 3 on 1 would be a rose fest...

Three on One: 

Victoria F
Hannah Ann

Kelley has a chip on her shoulder for sure about this date...she also said she wanted to throw VF & HA in front of a bus to their faces, so then there's that. 

Alone time during the 3 on 1...Kelley is now "napping" while HA and Peter are going off for alone time. HA said that she has been upset. But HA got to share what was on her heart.

Kelley had her time with him and it was just kinda weird. She is older and an attorney, so that makes her what? She keeps saying that they are having fun and he said he doesn't like that word. Strangeeee.

Okay, now he's with VF and she said "you're always in a mood" when we're together. They're fighting now. He's saying "you push me away", she is saying "I don't want to get to the end and lose you, so it's easier to just not have you". He said to VF that he wouldn't string her along, but I guess he didn't feel that way about Natasha? He strung her sheesh. 

Peter comes over and says "I don't need a dinner" and grabs the rose, says "Victoria, can I talk to you for a minute?" she rolls her eyes and says "yeah." as they are walking away she says to him "I don't wanna go." 

They're by a car....he has the rose....he's saying a lot of break up things, but she gets the rose. He said "I love what we have" he really keeps throwing the love around huh?

Hannah Anne gets the other rose and Kelley "I met her in a hotel lobby" is sent packing. HA is crying and sounds like a piggy. 

Kelley in her car interview is talking smack about Peter and what he is looking for. And I don't disagree completely, but I didn't see it with her after that first date. She brought nothing to the table with him either. She was riding that first meeting in the lobby and that wasn't going to carry her to an engagement.

Next week, HOMETOWNS. Kelsey is in l-o-v-e. Madison is a virgin. HA's dad isn't buying it. Victoria and Peter are yelling at one another. Gonna be a good one, babes

Friday, February 7, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | week five Wednesday night

We back night Chile. Still unsure WHY WE NEEDED 5 HOURS THIS WEEK? But here we are, so leggo.

It picks up in another cat fight about "needing time" before the rose ceremony where there was no cocktail party. 

One on One: with Hannah Ann (which I will only refer to her as HA moving forward)

OH NO, stop it. I hateeee when they run into a "random local couple" to chat with. I hate this so much, cringe city. The trolly is a very cool way to see the city, nice touch there. Peter is bring up the age thing-HA is 23, she hasn't been in love before. Yikes, flag? 

Now they're on the dinner part of the date and she's trying to be deep, but it's lacking. She's talking about's some of her work.

She was in a 3 year relationship, but wasn't in love? Were they in 8th grade? Her answers are VERYYYY pageant to me. She repeats the question, the conversation isn't there. Peter just got up and is now questioning the "deep connection". He thinks HA is trying to be perfect all the time. HA came to find him crying. 

She's starting to fall in love with him...she just told him. I bet he went to get the rose. FREAKING SURPRISE SURPRISE. He is talking all muffled. This is fake AF to me. 

Group date:

Victoria P
Mykenna-who is heartbroken she didn't get a one on one.

A second date to Victoria F when the group date card was brought out. It said "I feel like we didn't get a fair shot" 
*this date card has sent Mykenna into a TAIL SPIN. Kelsey is consoling her, guys. Like hello, you know it's bad. She wants to leave. She's also a v fake crier. 

Sooooo the date is filming a telenovela and boy oh boy, these girls and esp Peter should NOT quit their day jobs. OOOF that was bad. It ends with him picking Mykenna, so now she's not upset, I guess. 

Everyone is feeling really good about the day and then all go to the cocktail party feeling a good vibe...this will take a turn. 

Kelsey is the first alone time. They are talking about how they've come out of the bad times and he said he has real feelings for her. Then guess what happened...they kissed. No surprise. 

Victoria P is up next (I had her as a front runner, but she has had a rough little go as of late). She's sitting on his lap and she's being awkotaco. She asked him if he's feeling okay about talking about heavy stuff with her about after Alayah. He is a coward and it didn't seem like he was going to bring it up? He keeps kissing his hand so awkwardly. Peter is saying he knows her heart is in the right place, but he thinks that she is more secure in their relationship than he is. She's telling him to dump her and he said "idk if I see you as my wife". HOLY SHIT. She isn't taking it well. She said "I'm concerned for you" and she's OUT. SHE SAID "THIS IS THE LAST CONVO WE'LL EVER HAVE." She's asking for a car or a cab. Holy guacmoleeee. He wants to walk her out, she's like don't. He's following her..this is whacky. There goes my bracket for this week. The girls look shocked.

Okay, tea time, girls. Mykenna packed her bags before going on the group date and now she's saying "this was the best day ever". She was saying that acting made her feel like she was really herself today, like huh? She's only 22 and sometimes it shows. Kelsey is defending her. Tammy is popping off as always. Tammy is involved in all of the drama. Cut to Madison and Peter kissing and they hear the how rude. Mykenna's jumpsuit is CUTE. Tammy's dress is gross. 

Madison gets the rose! And there are some unhappy campers.

One on One: Victoria F

He's very into her...more random talking to people for their insight. Seems like he is a little more into her than she is him. She is trying to tell him that she is in her head about the other girls. He is telling VF that if she doesn't see herself in it for the long haul then to let him know now. This date feels like little timely to me. Let's see how the night goes. 

It's a little hard to take him seriously with the bandaid on this noggin. But they're at dinner and it's time for a tough convo. Peter said that he asked her on the second one on one cause he just wanted to spend time with her and see if it's what he thinks it is. Victoria will be an influencer after this-she already won the Revolve challenge. She just had to down wine to be able to chat about the walls she put up and keeps saying "I don't know". I really feel like she's panicking cause he is really in it with her and she isn't. THIS HAS TAKEN A TURN. He asked if she wants to be here and she got pissed. 

OMG, he is trying to talk to her and she's said "I get it Peter" and now she's "getting sick" in the bathroom saying that she's not sure why she's doing this to him. And that she's not ready. I told you guys. Well I just told you, I didn't see this coming. 

Okay VF is back...and said "it's not all good". Are we losing another, Victoria? She said she likes him, but she's def being bratty. HE IS INTO HERRRR you guys. He basically was like I'm here and in this, she accepts the rose. And I think we have a front runner. BUT IS SHE A RUNNER? In the words of Victoria..."I don't know". He just told her "please no more pushing me away." Now, is he really into her cause of the chase?

Two on One: with Tammy and Mykenna

*first time girls have been pissed about another date card. This one says "meet me at the cocktail party before everyone else. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH." Peter is a soccer dad, ya'll. He's turning this car around. With that being cannot tell me the producers didn't put him up to this. 

Mykenna all of a sudden has a slight accent...maybe that's her mad accent. Okay, they stomp in together. They both should just keep their mouths shut. But NOPE, Mykenna literally started talking right when I hit that period. Peter loves to say "gimme a hug" when he sees them. 

Okay, he wants them to spill the tea. Oh right when I thought he was going to do it the right way and talk to them at the same freaking time, he pulls Tammy aside for "her side". She thinks Mykenna isn't here for the right reasons. Mykenna is trying to create hashtags for her brand (here for that...). Tammy let him know about the bag packing. Tammy is telling him that it's getting serious for her, but like huh? You've had no time with him all you do is cause shit. She thinks they are meant to be. 

Mykenna's turn. She's talking about how Tammy is a joy sucker. Peter is letting Mykenna know he knows about the bag packing and how that confuses him. Oh he dropped the hashtags. Mykenna said "that's twisting the truth", but she's #speakingherdamntruth #damntruth which hashtag we running with, sis?  She said their love is worth it...SHE'S IN LOVE WITH HIM? Ohhh #lieslieslies that's good, it's like #byebyebye which we know I'm here for, always. 

I hope he doesn't give either a rose cause they both bug me. Oh wait, he's doing what I want? Peterrrr, you angel. Thank you! Oh nope, never mind. He let Tammy go. He's letting Mykenna stay for now cause he trusts Mykenna. 

Okay, starting the cocktail party. I really love that Natasha always asks him how he is doing. That shows that she is kind. 

Rose Ceremony:

Kelsey (his voice cracked)
Kelley (his voice kinda cracked again)

Sydney & Mykenna are out! Mykenna did a whole third person outro about being madly in love with herself.

Squad is headed to Peru-6 left. And HA cries with her whole stayyy tuned,