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and just like that...I have a lot of thoughts. | a sex & the city reboot review


I'm a SATC super fan. I've seen every episode at least 30 times, I had party to celebrate (mourn) the series finale, the first drink I ordered when I turned 21 was a cosmo. I was raised by Carrie & when they decided to reboot naturally I was THRILLED. 

I asked on IG if you all wanted me to share my HONEST thoughts about the reboot and it was a whopping 100% vote for yes. So kick off your Mohonlos, pour a cosmo, and sit back cause...I have thoughts.

I saw the pics online, I heard whispers of what could happen, I knew the drama between the queen SJP and Kim C. But to say I wasn't prepared for how eps 1-4 (I'm writing this Weds night) have played out is a bit of an understatement.


Samantha; it was NO secret that SJP and KC weren't friends off screen. Money, screen time, storylines, whatever the case may be, there wasn't endless love-so when they said Kim wasn't coming back, I was a little sad. SATC is 4 women at its core, but I could see past it as it's top 2 fave shows of all time. As the first eps drew near I was getting almost excited to see what they would do with Samantha's character...what was the reason she wasn't there? WELL LET ME TELL YOU HOW DISAPPOINTED I AM. There is no way that the reason they gave would be the reason Carrie and Samantha would end a 30 year friendship. They had ONE FUCKING FIGHT (that we knew of) over the course of 30 years (over Carrie walking in on Samantha giving a BJ in her office) and you are going to tell me that Samantha who is a HELL of a business woman dropped Carrie cause she wasn't going to write books anymore? Carrie said "no more books, no more need for PR" (which is dumb, she could've needed PR for her IG, brand, done her own podcast, etc) and Samantha said "fine, fuck you and fuck our 2 other friends, I'm OUT!"?! No. Nope. Nah. Talk about LAYZ writing. Stanford's exit-RIP Willie :( (the reason NOT how he did it, Berger pt 2) was much more of a reason for Samantha to be gone. No need for the drama, she is off managing a TikTok star in Japan would've worked WAY better for her. OR have her pass away from Cancer. 

Big; this was spoiled for me prior to watching, but it doesn't mean it didn't hurt any less and I wasn't SOBBING. NOW with that being said, it should've happened later in the series. Ep 3 after we got to see Big & Carrie as a married couple which we never actually got to experience. They went from Paris, to planning a wedding, to broke up, to married, to dealing with the Aiden kiss...we never ever ever got to see how they worked as a couple. I really we never got to see that over the whole show. Carrie was always chasing Big-which is the plot and the reason he is "Big", BUT give us that. Build it up more, make it sadder. I also needed Miranda to put on the lawyer hat for a smile of a sec in that will reading and say "maybe it was in the prenup" while seeing Natasha in the will. Did love Carrie chasing Natasha around the city, lol.

Miranda/Steve/Brady; I get it, boys can have less boundaries, but for the love of god, SAY something when you can hear them fucking in the room next to yours. Make him respect you just a little. Please. 

Steve; yikes my guy. you went from likable doof who we were rooting for, to annoying guy who can't hear and is just there yelling for his ice cream? oof.

Miranda; v excited for her upcoming storyline to see her explore her sexuality! Bummed about her drinking problem, but feel like she has a lot on her plate in typical Miranda fashion. 

Charlotte; this will be the meanest thing in the post...I hate her. Ever since the movies, she just has become so dumb and throw away. I saw a glimmer of smart Char when she was explain the pieces of art at the bday dinner and I was SO happy, but for the most part she is just playing a Park Ave wife and it's driving me mad. She is more than this and I want her to want more. She also would have researched when Rose said she didn't want to be called a girl anymore and not just spoken to Anthony. if you're going to make her be overly perfect and cross all the Ts/dot all the Is in all other spots, let's keep it across the board. OH AND, she shits on Miranda's hair before her first day of school in such a rude way...I happen to think Miranda's hair looks so great. What type of friend just rude says "you're going to dye your hair before school, right?" UGH, BE BETTER, CHAR.

Harry; is the best character in this reboot!! Charlotte's best line was; "you better not be holding on to the wall!" when he came in skateboarding.

I have two random thoughts to end this week's review; 

* Carrie barely used her flip phone, didn't want a new phone, couldn't send an email at one point and now I am to believe that she is 55 with two phones? and on IG? ...yeah, no. (also why does she have two phones?)


If you made it this far, I love you v much & please let's chat in the comments and keep this going. I'll share my thoughts next week on ep 5 of AJLT...until then, I'm rewriting Samantha's plot line, xo

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