Sunday, December 19, 2021

2021 gift guides | last minute gifts


Christmas literally snuck up on me. Idk if it was cause I went to LA for 40 hours or what, but I literally bought all my gifts on the early morning-we're talking 1am of the 18th...and then I did a poll and all of you seem to have the last minute blues as well and begged for ideas, so here we are! 

Now if these don't show up in time in the wise words of my savior "don't blame me" ;)

bose quietnoise cancelling earbuds | Amazon *my dad bought these for himself for his bday & he is OBSESSED! they will arrive the next day!

10 piece cocktail set | Amazon

cocktail drink challenge set | Amazon

foreo UFO masks | Amazon

simple modern water bottle 32oz | Amazon

simple modern cup 28oz | Amazon  

elf jet set hydration kit | Amazon

gallery wall kit | Amazon

JBL portable speaker | Amazon

It Ends With Us *or anything by Colleen Hoover | Amazon

be sure to check out the other gift guides to as there are def some things on those that can get to you in time & Target was prettyyyy stocked when I ran there at 10pm the night before my Dad's bday to get his prezzies...ugh, last minute Kayla is a bit all over the place! 

ps, I'll get a small bit of coin from any of the links, but that just means I love you big big! XO!

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