Monday, November 22, 2021

skincare routine


I had finally (!) shared my skincare routine on IG stories last week after it was the MOST asked (next to my current makeup routine-you all love a routine) thing in the question box. So here are the products I use as well as some gift sets so you can stock up or find some new goodies-this is how I always stumble on the products! 

It Cosmetics confidence in a cream | Ulta

day to night gift set | Ulta

love your skin gift set | Ulta

protect + glow Tula sunscreen | Tula

time to delight gift set | Tula 

my toner is something I grab at the spa where I get my facials/dermaplanning-asking my esthetician if she sells this outside of the spa & will report back here *UPDATE: Elizabeth WILL ship my toner and anything else she has in the spa, $7 flat shipping-check her out on IG:skinserendipitydayspa  :) xo

*I'll get a small bit of coin for any links used-<3 you big time!

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