Sunday, November 21, 2021

2021 gift guides | for the pups


my pups live for new toys...mostly cause they destroy their them, haha! I asked on IG what you all wanted to see & this was one of the most requested so August and Mika put their paws together to come up with some of their fave toys and show you what is on their wishlist:

2 in 1; Monsieur Acorn | Amazon

3 in 1; Raccoon | Amazon 

bullymake controller | Amazon *Mika's wishlist pick

starbarks sweet pup cold brew | Amazon *August's wishlist pick

fortune plush | PetSmart

greenies | PetSmart

Zuke's natural tree treats | PetSmart

any toys listed come in med and large dog sizes as well, I just have little pups! I love giving the puppies gifts every couple of gifts Christmas morning or throughout the day to watch them play with new things, it's just so fun, xo

*links will give me a bit of $ but Auggie and Mika love ya bunches!

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