Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | week six

Week six, six ladies left. It's going to be a battle to the end I think...

A little sidebar, I read a theory about how this season ends, and if that happens-hold on to your skirts, girls. Cause that will be the MOST DRAMATIC THING EVER TO HAPPEN EVER. 

One on One: with Madison

Prior to the date card, Madison said that she wants to have the talk with him about what it looks like after this & that makes me happy that she is thinking like that. It's easy to get caught up in this. They're going fishing? Oh no, they're walking around a fish village. Nope, they're on a boat now...idk, Madison's jeans are real cute. 

HA & Kelsey-who are now BFFS? Idk, missed that too...#champsgate. are chatting about how Madison is very faith driven and wants a leader of her family who will lead them in faith. It sounds a little like Kelsey is becoming the new Tammy, but let's see. 

Night time, dinner time portion of the date and they're in a bar, dancing. Okay, now we at dinner-phew, I like a structure haha. Madison is finally having a real conversation with Peter and man this is refreshing. I feel like this is what the season has been missing. Madison laid it all on the line with her faith and Peter is being honest right back. He's not as faithful as she is, but he is willing to try it seems. So I guess that's a bonus. OMGGGGG HE JUST TOLD HER HE IS FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER. WOAH. 

Now, I have to say that I don't think Peter was fully honest with Madison about his faith. I think he was desperate to keep the girl who he is really into around cause he's confused. He may not see it as a big deal, but you can tell this meant everything to her. 

One on One: with Natasha

He's really into what the girls think of this scar, huh? I really like Natasha, but just not for him. He just got soooo freaking excited about that dessert...now you know what I look like when I see cotton candy. 

Back to HA & Kelsey laying on a bed, chit chatting like besties...what the heck? DID I MISS THEM BECOMING PALS? 

Natasha opening up about her family and her brothers being a lot-she's the youngest of 4. 

Dinner portion, okay I wrote nothing about their date, cause there was nothing to really say. There's nothing here between them guys. Natasha is saying that she feels "safe, that they have a strong connection"...and nah, they just good friends. 

No rose for Natasha...who was trying to hang on by a thorn here. 

One on One: with Kelsey

They went ATVing & hiking...and were both mega winded. Cuddled on the side of a hill. I have nothing to offer here...I was reading spoilers and posting on IG. I don't really see this connection, but they think they have it. 

Night portion, Kelsey is opening up about how she is having a relationship with her dad behind everyone else's back. Now she's on national TV and is airing her dirty laundry out. 

Kelsey gets a rose...if she didn't then the 3 on 1 would be a rose fest...

Three on One: 

Victoria F
Hannah Ann

Kelley has a chip on her shoulder for sure about this date...she also said she wanted to throw VF & HA in front of a bus to their faces, so then there's that. 

Alone time during the 3 on 1...Kelley is now "napping" while HA and Peter are going off for alone time. HA said that she has been upset. But HA got to share what was on her heart.

Kelley had her time with him and it was just kinda weird. She is older and an attorney, so that makes her what? She keeps saying that they are having fun and he said he doesn't like that word. Strangeeee.

Okay, now he's with VF and she said "you're always in a mood" when we're together. They're fighting now. He's saying "you push me away", she is saying "I don't want to get to the end and lose you, so it's easier to just not have you". He said to VF that he wouldn't string her along, but I guess he didn't feel that way about Natasha? He strung her along...like sheesh. 

Peter comes over and says "I don't need a dinner" and grabs the rose, says "Victoria, can I talk to you for a minute?" she rolls her eyes and says "yeah." as they are walking away she says to him "I don't wanna go." 

They're by a car....he has the rose....he's saying a lot of break up things, but she gets the rose. He said "I love what we have" he really keeps throwing the love around huh?

Hannah Anne gets the other rose and Kelley "I met her in a hotel lobby" is sent packing. HA is crying and sounds like a piggy. 

Kelley in her car interview is talking smack about Peter and what he is looking for. And I don't disagree completely, but I didn't see it with her after that first date. She brought nothing to the table with him either. She was riding that first meeting in the lobby and that wasn't going to carry her to an engagement.

Next week, HOMETOWNS. Kelsey is in l-o-v-e. Madison is a virgin. HA's dad isn't buying it. Victoria and Peter are yelling at one another. Gonna be a good one, babes

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