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beauty | Lash Lift & Tint featuring an interview with Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity

If you've been around here for a while, then you know I'm always on the hunt for the next best thing for my lashes. If it's a mascara or a serum, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and give it a try. So when Elizabeth reached out to me about coming to her at home day spa to work on a feature for a lash lift & tint, you know I was all in!

Skin Serendipity Day Spa is located right in Elizabeth's home and has such a cozy vibe. Jen came with me to take pics and jot down all of my questions and the whole process for you babes-seriously best assistant ever! And we instantly felt welcomed and right at home when we headed down into the spa area. 

Complete with a waiting area, the spa is done in gold and creams and just has a very luxe feel about it. I was already beginning to feel relaxed and that was prior to laying on the heated massage table (which is my favorite part of any spa service!) Elizabeth started by explaining each step of the process and let me know that as she was doing the steps she would be walking me through it cause she knows that it can be scary keeping your eyes closed and not knowing what's happening! That was my only fear going into it. But Elizabeth is the most professional, knowledgable, and sweet woman ever-so I instantly knew I was in the best hands & all that anxiety disappeared!

I figured the best way to breakdown my whole experience would be to separate the post into the interview and process let's get into it!


the layz blonde: When did you get started in this industry?

Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity: 5 years ago. I started at Salon Envy and then moved to Hand & Stone, but always knew I wanted to open my own day spa at home when my husband and I bought our house. This is my 1st year at home!

tlzb: When did the lash lift start?

Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity It started in 2017. 

tlbz: What was the need for it? 

Elizabeth from Skin Serendipity: It was to replace mascara and a quick treatment that would last a long time. 

tlbzHow long does it last?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityIt can last a month to 6 weeks depending on lash growth. 

tlbzWhat's the upkeep like?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityNone actually! You can brush your lashes if you really want, but nothing is required. Right after though, you can't get your lashes wet for 8-10 hours and should avoid smushing them when you sleep that first night cause they're still fragile. 

tlbzWhat mascara do you like?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityI tend to reach for Smashbox or Too Faced Better Than Sex.

tlbzOkay, million dollar question...what do you recommend to get mascara completely off?!

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityDefinitely a pre cleanse, like a micellar water. And then any water based cleaner that is safe enough for your skin. 

tlbzYou mentioned you specialize in acne facials, what skincare products do you use?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipitySkincare Rx. It's a great line and it's custom to you. So your products would be different than mine or Jen's. If not Skincare Rx, then anything "clean". I really like Tarte and Tatcha. 

tlbzWhat service do you not currently offer that you want to add?

Dermaplanning and teeth whitening! I just need new a few more credits for that and the machine. 

tlbzWhat's next for Skin Serendipity Day Spa?

Elizabeth from Skin SerendipityGrowing, expanding, and just continuing to balance being a new mom and run this business. I'm extremely grateful that I get to be able to do both!

Where to find Elizabeth & Skin Serendipity Day Spa:


The whole process takes around 75-85 minutes including the tint to be on the generous side of time. 

Step 1-cleansing the lashes 
Step 2-finding the size of the proper rod. There's 4 size rods; small, medium, large, x-large. Elizabeth says that x-large is like a unicorn cause it's extremely rare! I was a medium!
Step 3-prep the eyes-this includes putting a hydrogel pad under the lower lashes for two reasons; 1-hydration and 2-extra relaxation

Step 1-the rod gets glue to the lid and the lashes get brushed up to the lid and now it's time for the solution to get applied. It may smell (kinda like Nair or a perm). It stays on from 8-10 minutes an eye. Mine stayed on for 8 minutes.
Step 2-after the 8 minutes are up, the lift is removed with water and a Q-Tip. Baby lashes may pop off during this process as they are the freshest and youngest of the bunch. *these baby lashes can be put back on! So now lashes are lost in the process. 
Step 3-now it's time for the setting lotion. This will stay on for half of the time of the solution-so 4 minutes an eye in my case. *while this is sitting, Elizabeth is getting the tint ready.
Step 4-everything comes off with water. The setting lotion, the rod, even the hydrogel pads.

Step 1-color block cream is applied to the lids to make sure that nothing stains. And another set of hydrogel pads are placed on to give a nice canvas.
Step 2-tint is applied to the upper lashes and the lower lashes. Sits on the lashes for 6 minutes.
Step 3-time to remove the tint. This happens with a warm washcloth, wet rag, and then wet Q-Tips to make sure there's nothing else left. 
Step 4-Keritain is brushed on to add strength to the lashes and you are done!

Lash Lift and Tint $80
lasts for 4-6 weeks depending on lash growth

For the month of February, Skin Serendipity Day Spa is running a special for $60 lash lifts & tints, but the first 3 people to DM Elizabeth with code 'LAYZ' to book a lash lift and tint will get a special price of $50!
(must be booked by Feb 29th, service doesn't need to take place by then)

I'm OBSESSED with my lashes. They look amazing and literally like I have a swipe or two of mascara on. I think I'll probably put on a coat or two on my top lashes at some point in the next week or so, but I won't be touching the bottom ones cause they look like they have the perfect mascara on them. I highly recommend a lash lift and tint from Elizabeth at Skin Serendipity Day Spa. I already can't wait to go back for another service and I promise you'll love anything you get done with her!

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  1. I always wondered how a lash lift and tint would look like and if it would make any difference but it does! I love how your lashes look!

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