Tuesday, March 3, 2020

series | closet staples from old navy

Old Navy is a store for me that is hit or miss, but they really hit it out of the park with having all I was looking for with closet staples. 

Here's what I had in mind when Jen & I hit the store:
*light jeans
*dark jeans
*black jeans
*a white tee
*a black tee
*black cardigan/black blazer
*a little black dress

This was the lightest wash jean I could find that we both agreed we would want in our closets. And I hadn't tried this style yet-Power Slim Straight, High Rise. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked them being I don't love a straight leg typically. I picked the v-neck white tee as that's what I normally grab when I'm looking for a perfect white tee.

lighter wash jeans: $25
v-neck white tee: $10

Jen loves a crew neck white tees, so this was her pick. And I will say that these basics are the perfect thickness-pass the bra test. For the jeans, we grabbed the Rockstar which is my fave and good to style from ON.

rockstar jeans: $30
crew neck white tee: $10

A blazer is a timeless piece. Oversized, fitted, structured, doesn't matter-everyone should have one. I was OBSESSED with this one.

blazer: $44.99

Like I said last week, Jen & I both agree that black jeans are a must and ripped ones are even better. I always feel so bad ass in black jeans...Idk what it is, I just do! I love these so much!

black jeans: $30

Believe it or not, I bought my first jean jacket only a few years ago. I always wanted one, but was afraid I would wear with jeans and then would be wearing denim on denim or a Canadian Tuxedo...it was a very irrational fear because well I control what I put on my body and don't get dressed in the dark. Anyyyways-this one is SO GOOD! If you're in the market, check this one out ASAP. And I personally loved how I styled this.

jean jacket: $30

A LBD or a little black dress, is a staple for sure. I love this one from Old Navy cause it can be dressed up and dressed down. Jean jacket to dress it down with white sneaks, or throw on some heels, put your hair up, and add some glam earrings.

black dress: $20

What of these are a must in your closet? Let's chat in the comments,

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