Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Creator Day & Ipsy Live Preview Recap!

So by now you know that last Friday night I went down to Manhattan to attend Ipsy Creator Day and a preview of their Ipsy Live event (previously known as GenBeauty). I was invited to the event by Ipsy OpenStudios and was so honored to be chosen out of tons & tons of other amazing creators. 

I headed down on the train and grabbed a quick drink with one of my HS girlfriends-Hey Shan! who I haven't seen in years. It was the perfect kick off to the night. Once I got to the venue, Center415 I hopped on a short line and headed right inside. The evening started with a panel to help teach us how to create long lasting partnerships with brands. I found the panelists very informational and I learned a lot of tips...I mean hello, Lipsticknick was there & what she says goes! 

After the panel, it was time to head downstairs to make my own glam bag (which if you didn't know this is what Ipsy is!) But first I met up with some girls that I met from the IpsyOs FB group. We chatted as we waiting on line and took some pics. I was so glad that I met up with these girls as there were only two other people I knew that were going (& I didn't even see Samantha which really stinks, she was my first blogging friend ever and this would've been our first time meeting!) 

Now it got a little confusing as we were told we should head back inside to the panel, but weren't allowed back upstairs...so we just hung out and waited for them to open up the floors of the preview. And when they did, we made a plan to hit each booth and mingle & hand out our business cards. 

I took charge a little early on and decided to be the leader of our group cause yolo, right? We tackled booth after booth-learning about the brands, laughing with one another, and really just embracing the experience!

Booths I loved: 

Babes I shared in this experience with: 

What I wore: 
leather leggings-torrid
*if you EVER go to an event like this, eff the heels and where comfy shoes. I'm still paying for this!

What was in the GIANT giftbag:
Well...that is officially up on my IGTV, so you'll need to head over to watch it there and trust me it's worth it because there were two gift bags and they were major!

Thanks for letting me share this amazing experience with you! Let me know in the comments your thoughts on my look or my gift bag, until Thursday,

*ps-some of these links are affiliate links, so you know what that means...a teeny bit of $ for me if you use it! Xo!

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