Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Blue light glasses...worth the hype?

Blue light blockers are everywhere...your fave celebs are wearing them, influencers, and even coworkers. But you’re probably asking yourself what the heck are they and do they even work? 
Well as someone who bought into the hype, I’m going to share my honest opinion on these trendy specs and give you all the deets! 

I bought my first pair of blue light blockers over a year ago from Amazon and didn’t really love them. I felt like they were too thick and kinda messed up my 20/20 vision. At the time I bought mine, I grabbed a couple pairs for a few of my coworkers and ended up liking theirs more cause they were thinner frames and lenses. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to try the ones from SojosGlasses and I’m OBSESSED! I can wear them as a fashion piece (like hi cute glasses to make me look like a smarty smart pants), but they are easy to wear while I work on two computer screens everyday at my 9-5 and then when I’m home on the Mac & iPad doing lzb stuffs. 

Not only are the SojosGlasses the best blue blocking lenses I’ve tried, their range of frames is ev-ery-thinggggg! They have bigger frames, smaller, thick, thin, and even cat eye frames. Honestly everyone can find a frame from them & they have prime-hello I like you, cya in two days! 

If you’ve been on the fence about hoping on the blue light bandwagon, I promise you won’t be disappointed in the SojosGlasses

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