Tuesday, April 25, 2023

beauty | all of the deets on dry brushing


Dry Brushing…what is it? Why should we do it? what do you do? Hopefully this blog post will answer all of your questions 

What it is? Dry brushing is described as a daily body massage using a stiff bristled brush dry. 

The benefits? It’s said to help get rid of dry, flaky skin, increase circulation, help digestion, detoxify, and help improve the appearance of cellulite. 

How to do it? In long, fluid upward strokes towards the heart. You can do circular motions on your torso and back. 

my legs freshly shaven...yikes!

My thoughts: I have been dry brushing for only a few days, and I have plenty of thoughts. So, I watched a few tiktoks and then just gave it a go. My first thought was “ouch, this is weird and it doesn’t feel good” which quickly changed to “wait, I kinda like it…” to “my leg is tingly, and I want to do it again”. The first tiktok I watched (see here) said to do each body part for 30 seconds each, either breaking down your legs and arms into two parts (lower & upper)-which is the route I went. The first time I dry brushed, I went ahead and did a pass on my lower leg, upper leg; both sides and then went to my arms. On my arms, it hurt more then on my legs. Last I did my stomach in upward motions moving towards the heart. I skip my chest and neck area as that’s more sensitive skin or thinner skin.

The first passes I could see dry skin on my legs coming off/coming to the surface which made me excited that it was working! Nothing really came off on my arms or stomach, but my legs are the driest spot. 

I have done it every single day since I started, and each day try to aim to do it longer and make more passes. Pain wise, I think it’s good pain, like it hurts, but almost feels good after? Is that weird? 

My biggest complaint is that you must shower after to rinse off which is a bummer if I wanted to do it before bed. And I think it will be hard to incorporate every day, I know it seems like it’s quick (& it is!), but maybe I could just do a few quick passes on days I’m running late (insert every day here!).

Do I think it really works? Idk yet, still too soon to tell, but what I do know is seeing that skin flake off my legs is enough for me to continue this journey!

TL/DR; Dry brushing is weird, but I think it’s something to try!

what's something you want me to try? leave it in the comments, xo

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