Monday, April 10, 2023

life | where have I been & what's next?


woahhhh, it's been a minute! but I am back :) here is a post I wrote in my notes app on 2.22 (I knowww that was a while ago!)

pics with the dining room behind me-open floor plan between the dining & living room areas

well if you haven’t been following me on IG or TikTok, then you haven’t been in the loop! I moved! Same city, new zip code. Now instead of a 8 minute commute to the office, it’s 7, haha. I’ve been hard at work; cleaning, packing, unpacking, decorating-you name it, I’ve done it. 

While we’re almost fully moved in, there is decorating to still be done. The living room is set up and so cozy. Kitchen is done and organized, same with the bathroom. But my room is a work in progress…! I’ve been really struggling with a design concept outside of all white. I found some great Taylor prints to hang, but that’s really it! I’m in the market for a big standing mirror and a fun chair-send your recs please! 

I’ll be posting a lot of design content on IG & TikTok, so stay tuned! Also I’ve been on my Pinterest game lately, so check out my boards below…

Until next time, xo

and that all still applies, but here is what is next for this space. I'm going to get back into blogging once/twice a week and stick to it. I got a walking pad/standing desk and get so much done on there while getting my steps in. outside of this post, I'll be back later in the week with my dry skin journey-shoutout #dryskinclub from my IG stories (that's what I'm calling us moving fwd!!)

leave me post ideas, things you want to see in try it Tuesdays, etc in the comments, XOXO

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