Friday, September 16, 2022

THE FIVE | white sneakers


you won't actually believe how many people asked for white sneakers...(okay, 73!) and for good reason! sneakers are becoming more of a wear with everything shoe; from dresses to trousers. white sneakers specifically are high in demand. here are the ones that caught my eye!

1. princess sneaker from reebok | amazon -these are SO good!

2. air force 1 from nike | finish line -I have these and I loveeee em.

3. platform high top from converse | converse -these are a throwback & are so cute

4. maddison sneakers from target | target -I like that these have a little texture to them

5. cali wedge from puma | DSW -I really really like these. I think they are so fun!

what are your faves? I really think you can't go wrong with white sneakers! let's chat in the comments,

ps-I get a tiny commish from the links, love you long time!

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