Friday, September 2, 2022

THE FIVE | shows I feel like you'll love

I know there is a typo in the graphic, but I can't edit it!! 


if you're around these parts of the internets, I feel like we like the same things & today I'm talking shows I think you'd like! 

1. the summer I turned pretty | amazon prime | if you haven't watched already, pleaseeee do. it's so so good & TONS (5!) Taylor TV

2. pretty little liars original sin | hbo max | this is a darker, still not the most well acted version show, but gosh it's SO freaking good-binge to get ready for spooky season

3. the sex lives of college girls | hbo max | really funny, really good, and filmed in my city!

4. tiny pretty things | netflix | this isn't new and idk if there will be a season 2, but sheessssh season 1 was FREAKING good!

5. never have I ever | netflix | about funny. OBSESSED. 

what's some shows you've been loving? let's talk about them cause the more recs the better! also, think I may rewatch the OG Gossip Girl this fall...SUCH a fall show ;)

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