Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | Week Three

Week three...I kinda can't believe it's already week three, but here we are. Okay, #champsgate was last week, let's see if this week will bring us a new dumb topic to get hung up on. 

One on One: with Victoria P

with the reallll cute jeans...Peter is showing her around his hometown aka LA/Calabasas. They hit a country store to get stuff to go line dancing. Then they end up at the Canyon to line dance and of course have a private country concert in the middle of the day. Pete is a really good line dancer tbh and I know nothing about line dancing beside the Cotton-Eye Joe. (They've kissed twice by this point...) Peter says things on these dates like "I think I found my dance partner for life" and it's like my man, you really are jumping in. Here for it. 

Oh brother...HA and Kelsey are going to talk. Kelsey does NOT like being called a bully you guys, she isn't down for that. Even tho she used "unkind words" to describe HA. Hmmm, I think that's a type of bullying. But okay, cool. KELSEY SAID "I DON'T EVEN LIKE CHAMPAGNE" OMFG. Their conversation is a freaking joke. They are just talking at each other. The preview for tonight's ep, shits about to pop off and a rose gets taken away. Here for thissss drams you guys.

Back to the ONO with VP and she is sharing her really sad life story. Her mom had her own demons and it seems like she had to grow up fast to help raise her sister. Peter is being incredibly sweet and kind to her-which obvi he should, but honestly I see Victoria P being around for quite some time. They look really great together and I think he would protect her. VP gets a rose! They sneak into a place to make out and Peter grabbed a whole lot of her tushy...

Group Date w/:

Kiera which is actually Kiarra
(we should count how many names I spell wrong...actually don't. I can't care that much...)

So before the date card shows up, Aaliyah is saying that she can put on face when she needs to...let's see what unfolds with that, shall we?

Demi shows up and gives the girls all jammies to go to a crazy ass in the ring pillow fight. Holy shit, Tammy and Kelley square up and Tammy literally THROWS down. But remember from her package on ep one-she kicks major ass. She was disqualified cause holy god she tackled Kel. Omg, this shit got real wild. Demi picked who she thought should throw down and it was Aaliyah and Sydney. Sy was grabbing her hair and thew her down on the ground all while Peter yelled "show me you want it!'  which makes me think he has some crazy ass fetish...(another kiss to add to the count!) 

Alone time with Aliyah (is that right?) A pageant girl which we know can be trouble with a capital T. He's into her tho-thinks she's mega sweet and what not. 
The rest of the girls are not into her, think she's playing a game (which my dad keeps saying "it is a game!" we're a sports family.) Sydney is trying to call her out on if she's being a pageant princess or her real self right now and A is saying like "oh totally...cause it's hard to drop that ya know?" And I get it, but it seems like sometimes she is faking a little. Then again, I'm a HUGE believer in don't waste your alone time on point out things about someone else. That's a waste of your time. 

He's really into Kelley...really into Tammy (kiss count added on three more-A, Kelley, and Tammy) now he's sitting with Sydney and she's dishing about what she thinks about A and her being fake. So Peter decides to cut through the BS and confronts her in front of the rest of the girls. Now A and Sy are fighting. A went and spoke with Peter and now he believes her too. He is a confused man and quite frankly I am too. Not a man, just confused. Sydney gets the rose!

Cocktail Party-which turns out to be a POOL PARTY:
 cause we have to keep this drams going...Peter shows up and isn't in his normally chipper self, so he grabs Sydney to apologize and chat. (they kissed) All of the girls are spilling tea right now on A...every single girl. Sy is wearing the worst pants I've ever seen in my whole 35 years. Only Britney Spears circa 2001 should wear pants like that. 

Okay, here's my dad's take on tonight's drams..Sydney is cute, but not as pretty as A and she feels threatened. Sydney is trying to push A out cause she wants to have them drop like flies to get a better spot with Peter...I need to know, do you agree with his thinking? 

Now Peter is with Madison is talking about anything, but the drama...mostly about their last date. And how much he thinks about her. And he feels v confidently about her. (they kissed.)

He's sitting with ALAYAH...that's how we freaking spell it...WOW, I messed it up all along. Okay, so he is still into her and they kissed. Idk guys, this episode is kinda dumb. 

OHHH SHIT...soooo Peter pulls Victoria P aside and says that he take her opinion into account. She knew her a little prior to this and Alayah asked her to not tell producers that they knew each other. VP is saying that A is open to all the opportunities that come after this is "IG INFLUENCER" and stealing all my freaking brand deals. Peter is back with sitting with her again and now he's dropping the tea about what he's heard. Her nails are chipped and I don't like that. Her reasoning about why she didn't want the producers to know doesn't make any sense. Hannah Brown and what's her name knew each other prior and if anything, it made a freaking storyline. A LONG STORYLINE. Peter walks away and now Alayah is crying on the ground. Chris is here to drop the bomb that Pete has went home and will see them all later at the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony:

Hannah Ann
*PETER WALKS OUT* two roses are left...Mykenna, Alayah, Alexa, are the ones that I know that are left...just cause I know their names. Mykenna just cause I see her on TikTok a lot. 
Okay, he back...leggo.
Chris comes out and takes one of the roses away...DUMDUMDUMMMMM...
Mykenna stays! 

Did I miss some names...what happened to Lauren and Victoria F? They were in my bracket, god damn it. Wait, he's having a convo with a producer and he may bring her back (in the future it feels like!)

Okay, next week will POP OFF. Victoria F (who is still here, I just missed it I guess..) is on a date and the singer is someone she dated?! TF?!! YES, DRAMMAAAAAA. 

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