Tuesday, December 17, 2019

skincare | Papillon Organic Review

I received these products from Papillon Organic in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Dry skin is my worst nightmare and ongoing battle, so when I was given the chance to work with an organic skincare brand, I couldn't sign up quick enough. Papillon Organic has a little bit of everything for everyone! From lash serum to face rollers, there's something for each skin type or skin need. 

The products I received to try were the Camelia facial oil, jade roller, and lash serum. I was so excited to test these out for the past couple of weeks and share my thoughts with you...enough chit chat, let's dive into my review!

Let's start w/ the facial oil; the description says that it will absorb quickly and leave your skin looking glowing. You can use it day or night and even pop some in your hair-love a double duty product! 

My thoughts; to say I love this product would be an understatement. I love to put it on before bed before a night mask or in the morning under my primer. I'll put it on a dry, clean face when I feel like my skin needs a drink...it just makes my face feel like so smooth and hydrated. I love that there isn't an overpowering smell (which we know I hateeee in a face product) 

Next up is the facial roller; I knew I would love this cause I had one, but left it on vacation-if you've been around for a while then you know that's a reoccurring theme. I like to use this after the oil, in the morning when I first get up, before bed, when I'm reading emails, or blog posts...you know any old time. If you haven't grabbed one of these yet, you really should! The benefits from them are so crazy; reduced puffiness, youthful glow, improves skin firmness and elasticity, less noticeable wrinkles and fine lines...the list goes on. And this roller is Amethyst which is stone that is said to help with physical well-being, sleep troubles, and balancing the body and mind. 

Last, but certainly not least...the lash serum! Now, we know that I strive for long lashes, so when I saw this was an organic based product I thought this would be much better than the last serums I had used on my lashes. And I was right...kinda. While this helped my lashes look dark and longer, it was pretty tough to apply without a brush. With putting drops in my fingers and then rubbing into my lashes, it was way too much. The serum does come with a spoolie which helped a lot, but I still ended up having a some irriation and redness the following day which I think was because there was too much product being applied.

If you're in the market for organic skincare, look no further than Papillon Organic! Even tho I have a tough time applying a small amount of the lash serum, I highly recommend each of these products They are amazing quality, travel well-I brought the oil to DC/Delaware, and you only need a little a little of the oil to go along way! And I promise if you get a facial roller you will NOT be disappointed! Oh and the owner is the sweetest thing ever, so it's a win-win!

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