Thursday, October 3, 2019

Beauty Products I Always Repurchase

As much as I love to hear what people grabbing that's new to them, I find it more interesting to know what they ALWAYS repurchase. The are the products that I want to get my hands on...the tried and true ones, the ones that they can't live without, or would run out to buy if they were away and forgot it at home, that's the shiz that I care about. Today, I'm FINALLY sharing my ride or dies with you and they are almost ALL drugstore!!

L'Oreal Pro-Glow Foundation-this has been my fave foundation since it came out. 
Shades I use: 201 Classic Ivory & 202 Creamy Natural 

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator-this is a mutlipurpose product for me. Not only do I use it as a blush, highlight, blush topper...I also use it as an eye shadow palette. I use the darker rose color for the crease and then mix the white and light pink color for the rest of the lid. Pop the white in the inner corner and the peach color by the brow bone and voila-done! This comes with me on every trip no matter how long I'll be away, it's my everything!  
Shade I use: Rose

L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara-I've had a love hate relationship with this mascara since it came out. I wasn't the biggest fan when it came out cause the brush is hard to use & get back into the bottle...! But once you get past that and the fact it comes in carbon black color now? It's a must have for me. I love how long it gets my lashes and they are SO dark. It's good on it's own or layered on top of a volumizing mascara.
Shade I use: Carbon Black

Morphe Continuous Setting Mist-I don't know what's in this, but I promise you, your makeup won't move. You can cry, sweat, take a nap and drool-don't ask how I know that ;), literally anything you can think of, your makeup WILL STAY ON. Promise. 

Simple Micellar Water Sensitive Skin Makeup Wipes-these are my lifeline. I don't know what I would do without them. I buy them in a double pack every single time I purchase them and always have a backup...that means I always have AT LEAST two packs at any given time. I can't live without these. *pro tip; the green ones are fine, but the white ones won't bother your skin one bit. 

Simple Sensitive Skin Micellar Water-I get the sensitive skin in this one too. I love to use it to help get any pesty a few day old mascara off..which we all know happens NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! I like to use this to help get off any peel away masks too. It's just another step I like to have on hand. *pro tip; I use this with the cotton rounds.

Kylie Cosmetics Koko K Matte Lipstick-this should be no surprise if you've followed me for a while! This is my signature shade and no matter how many lippies I buy...I always come back to this one.
pro tip; grab the gloss too! Cause glossy lips are making a comeback in a big way & the Kylie ones are great!

What are your ride or die products that you can't live without? Let's chat in the comments,

*ps-if you use any of these links, I could receive a small commission! And that means that I will love you long time :) 

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