Thursday, August 15, 2019

life update | the big (small) C

I've been going back and forth about if I wanted to post this or not, but I ultimately decided it would be the easiest way to share what's going on with Zoey-my Pomeranian pup. If you've been around my blogging career for a while then you'll remember when Zoey aka Buggy took over the blog on occasion and did her own posts (they were so fun and I loved pretending to see things from her side!) But I guess to get caught up with her health I should start from the beginning...I got Zoey on Tuesday Nov 29th, 2011. It was raining and I was having a bad day (I worked in retail and it was just really busy...) & the guy I was dating was also having a tough day, so we decided what makes you feel better then going to see puppies? Well, there was a little black ball of fluff there and about 30 minutes  after walking in the door, she was my ball of fluff. 

I had cats my whole life, but now here I was the mom of a 2 month old, 2 pound puppy and I quickly became a helicopter mom in every sense of the word! She didn't spend a minute alone for the first 6 weeks with us, we took her everywhere and once I did start leaving her home alone, I had very specific instructions for the tvs in all rooms-Disney Channel, volume 14. If you babysat her, I gave you a page-front & back of what needed to be done, what she liked of the treats, food, toys I sent her with, what could be wrong if she cried, etc. What I'm trying to make very clear is that she isn't just a dog to me, she is my baby, my child, my everything. 

Last Friday, I took her to the vet for a cough that had just developed and they found after an x-ray that she has pneumonia. But the visit didn't end with that diagnosis, they felt some swelling in her lymph nodes and pulled some samples from them. After waiting over the weekend, on Tuesday I got a call that the results were in and my baby has cancer in two spots. One in her mammary gland and the other is in her lymph node by her hip. 

We have an appointment with an oncologist on Monday to see what our next steps are and the course of action should be. I'm completely distraught, was caught off guard, and am heartbroken that this is happening to the soul I love most. She has gotten me through the hardest of times and has been my very best friend day in and day out. I only want to give her the very best and I'll do whatever in my power that I can to make sure she is comfortable. I was meant to be her mom-she's my spirit animal from sleeping in and not wanting to be bothered when she's asleep to wanting to be the center of attention. Pupaccinos & chicken nuggets the second she is feeling better, but for now, please keep my baby in your prayers & thoughts and send her all the positive vibes you can,

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