Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Budget Challenge | One Week Vacation Under $300

I'm LOVING putting together these challenge type posts (they are a lot of work!), but they are so fun to come up with and exacute. Jen and I actually shot this one over a month ago, but I just didn't have a chance to sit down to put it together...buttttt here we are! && YAY! I feel like it's hitting the bloggyblog at the right time cause vacation season is upon us (I'm hopeful that every one of you get the chance to get away!) Anyways, let's stop with the babbling and get on with the post...

We had gone back and forth with the theme of this post...5 or 7 days on a cruise? 7 days at a resort? Neither of us have ever done either, but we decided we would tackle a 7 day trip at a resort where you would be taking an adventure or two. We also decided to do a budget of $300, but could go over by $10 (so really it was a sliding scale between $290 - $310!)

Arriving Outfit;

We wanted something that was comfy enough that I could wear it to grab a light dinner upon arrival.

pants; Knox Rose-black joggers $29.99 on the Cartwheel app $24
total; $32

Pool/Beach Day;

In my opinion every vacation needs a beach day, so I had to find the perfect swimmie! This color is too pretty and the fit was great!

total; $74.97

Exploring the area/Shopping Day;

I feel like this is another must in a new place, so I wanted to keep it comfy and casual cause who knew where they day would lead!

top; a new day-light pink $14.99
shorts; Universal Thread-pink stripped $17.99
total; $32.98

Dinner Out;

Every vaca should have a nice night out. I'm not talking out to a club, unless that's your scene and then more power to you, but for me, I'm more of a dinner and drinks kinda gal.

top; a new day-white tank top $16.99
pants; a new day- green wide leg $27.99
hat; same as beach day!
total; $44.98

Swimming with Dolphins;

This is a bucket list item for both of us, so when we imagined a trip to a resort, we decided we were throwing this in!

swimmie top; kona sol-green $22.99
shorts; universal thread-demin cutoffs $16.99
total; $38.98

Casual Day with Drinks;

Another exploring day and then drinks to celebrate the end of vacation. Which means it's time for a jumpsuit!

jumpsuit; xhiliration $29.99
total; $29.99

Departing Outfit;

Leaving a vaca is always a little bittersweet, so I wanted to make sure I was extra comfy for my trek home.

total; $13.48

We did SUCH A GOOD JOB on budget, that it was time to get a few extras. So we headed to the shoes and found these in white and black. I ended up buying these and wear them constantly cause they are so comfy. 

sandals; sand & shore $12.99 (x 2)
total; $25.98

And now for the grand total...$294.36! Phew. I absolutely love putting together these challenges from  running around Target finding outfits, to Jen getting mistaking for a Target employee in the dressing room, to trying to figure out the math down to the penny! 

What would you like to see us take on next? Is there another store you want to see us do a challenge at? Let's chat in the comments, 

ps-if you use any of my links to purchase anything, I get a small commish and will love you long time!