Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Beauty | Current Shower Routine

I really like routine posts either in blog post form or a YT vid form, so I decided I'm going to share my current shower routine with you cause what better way to get to know someone then jumping the shower with them, amiright?! 

First things first, I typically either pop on an exfoliant on my face or a mask on my face and then I jump in the hot shower. The thing about being a true layz girl is that you find ways to multitask, so I a mask before a shower that you can finish up or wash off when you get in there, is a great way to get something off that check list. 

Depending on the mask, I either wash my face or get right into my hair. I always wash my hair twice, not sure when or why I started, but this has been a thing I've done for years. I like to start with a shampoo that is going to really clean my hair. Lately I've been using the Cactus Water weightless moisture shampoo that I randomly picked up at Harmon Beauty Supply a while back. It does the trick and gets my hair feeling clean. 

Next is what I think is the most important part of the shower, is my purple shampoo. I've been using and LOVING the Amika Bust Your Brass line and I can keep this in my hair for as little or long as I'd like to help tone out any yellow that has crept in. I've also been adding in an equal part of the Garnier Fructis Sleek Shot in with the Amika shampoo which helps cut down on the drying time (hello, SAVIOR!). These both smell AMAZING on their own and the combo is just everything. 

Okay, next up with the purple shampoo and sleek shot in my hair, I move on to washing my bod. I've been using the Method body products for a long time now, but just recently switched to this one cause it's geared to hydrating the skin and we ALL KNOW I NEED THAT.  

Body clean? Check! Now, it's time to rinse my hair and pop in my conditioner. I use the Amika Bust Your Brass conditioner or the Olaplex No 3 and I switch them in and out. While my conditioner is in, I move on to shaving (not my legs-I'll do a quick shave to them, but I full shave them in the tub cause it's just too hard to do in a stand up shower. I did a whole shave routine that you can read here...told you I like routine posts!) 

Last up is a good rinse of my hair and a warm water rinse over my new ear piercings (I got 3 piercings in my forward helix a few weeks ago and will be sharing all about it soon!) and then a quick blast of cold water on my hair to seal the cuticles to help make it extra shiny and I'm done!

What's your shower routine like? Is there a product you swear by that I need to try? Let's chat in the comments, 

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  1. I love this post idea! I really want to try Amika shampoo and conditioner