Tuesday, April 16, 2019

recent amazon purchases!

Let’s talk about a place we all love to shop…Amazon. Literally most days, I have a prime package waiting for me on the porch. Amazon has made me layzier, but more efficient-you can have things you need auto delivered, like dog food which helps keep my four-legged friends happy! I’ve been putting together a list with shoppable links for you all of my latest Amazon purchases (minus the hats my dad bought because I don’t think you need Cobra golf hats…if you do tho, hit me up, I’m your girl!)

Good Vibes tank-almost like every IGer has this tank in orange, so I went with the blue! It runs TTS, but I wanted it a little more baggy so I sized up. 
Faux Love bracelets-I had been waiting one of these FOR-freaking-EVER & I pulled the trigger accidentally (the gold one was in my shopping cart). After I got it, I promptly ordered the silver and rose gold. They never (they are screwed on) leave my wrist!  
Black Oversized Sunnies-I think almost every one of my friends HATES these sunnies, but I LOVE THEM the most. 
Lilac Top-if you remember on stories, I said I was going to return this, but then somehow I wore it on a Monday…a lot of you said nice things on IG, so it’s a keeper!
Heart Sunnies-these are a YSL knockoff and I love them on Amanda Stanton (which hers are real), but I don’t really love them on me. But I will continue to wear them cause it’s cool…right?
Collagen Creamer-I grabbed the coconut flavor cause Amanda (pardonmuahinsta on IG) uses it and I love it!
Black Jumpsuit-I wanted a jumpsuit that was a teeny bit more casual like the one Emily (champageandchanel on IG) has and stumbled across this one. It’s exactly what I was looking for and I’m going to grab it in other colors cause it’s the perfect throw on and go. You can dress it up if needed or keep it cas. 
*nsync tee-it dawned on me that I don’t have any actual *nsync tees-I know you gasped. Hear me out, I have a bunch of special tees (like the one they did for the children’s charity from Planet Hollywood with their handprints.) But I didn’t have an album tees, so I got this one!
Crest Whitestrips-I buy these once a year and use them every so often in between using my SmileBrilliant trays and gel. 
Jeans-this is going to sound weird, but I went on a jeans buying spree (& promptly returned almost more than half of them), but I got these from Amazon on a whim and they fit pretty well. I was on the fence, but wore them, so they’re mine now…(do you see a bit of a pattern here?)
What have you picked up lately from Amazon? I’m always in the market for new things, so let’s chat in the comments…

*ps-if you use any of these links, I'll get a small commission. && will love you long time. 

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