Friday, October 7, 2022

THE FIVE | basic, basic, basics


couple weeks ago, we chatted about fall trends and I left one out...that was basic tops/tanks. I wanted to save it for this round where I talk allll about the best basics from tank tops to bodysuits, long sleeve to crop tops. 

1. bodysuit | I think I have this brand of bodysuit in black & white in EVERY SINGLE STYLE

| styles I have; tee | long sleeve | tank | square tank | high neck tank 

2. boxy crop top | if you've been around for a minute, you would know I have this top shop tee in black & white...2 each. don't ask

3. long sleeve tee | a staple for layering

4. perfect short sleeve tee | fitted-double layered so there's no see-through moments

5. perfect oversized tee | I added this cause it is effortless to throw on and dress up/dress down

bonus. blazers | I swear they can take any outfit to the next level -this one has over 19k reviews 

basics are making a comeback and I couldn't be more happy about it! let me know what your fave basics are in the comments!

ps-links lead to a little commish for me, love love loveeee you.

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