Friday, August 5, 2022

THE FIVE | trends that are here to stay

new series alert! If you're an OG around here-talking p&b days, you'll remember the series I did of "5 things right now" which was kinda like the new craze be real & a list of things happening in that moment. I used to write and publish these posts at the most randomest times and it was so fun! which brings me here to this new series, that will be a list of 5...things, trends, TV shows, must haves, etc. I'm really excited about it and I hope you leave me some ideas of things you want to see as well! let's jump into this weeks 5 which are trends that will be sticking around...

based on my extensive research, I've rounded up the trends that will carry into fall. be sure to check out like to know it as I'll update with more links as I see more items!

1. platform shoes | these are a major hate or love, but they'll be here for a bit | couple of colors

2. wide leg pants | as a skinny jean girl, I'm here to say that wide leg pants aren't going anywhere. here's a good place to get on board | this pair from Frame look really nice

3. sets! | yay, these are sticking around which thank goodness-they're my fave things to wear for travel or weekend errands | shorts set | I have this in two colors | I have this in 5 colors

4. button down shirts (bonus from the set if that's what you've gotten!) | these aren't going anywhere and will continue to be for athlesisure, casual wear, and dressier affairs | so many colors

5. headbands | with the preppy girl movement coming hi Blair Waldorf!, this head accessory is sticking around-which is great cause it can elevate any look | love this pearl one

what are some trends you're into that you want to stick around or some you realllyyyy want to see go? let's chat in the comments-don't forget to leave me what you want to see in the 5!

*using my links means a small commission for me, which means my smile is real big

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