Tuesday, March 1, 2022

creating a vision board FOR any space

I know you read the title and thought "K, it's March", but here me out! It's not too late to create the vision board you wanted to for the year or even the month or even the week, we all start somewhere. I recently watched a TikTok and saw this girl who graduated law school & landed her dream job after passing the bar and she makes one every season! So feeling inspired by her, I took her tips and opened up Canva & got started.

I decided to go the route of making mine my Mac background so that way any time I'm on my computer I can see my goals, main character shit vibes and feel that energy. I also made my work phone background a pic I took while in LA of palm trees and it gives me INSTANT serotonin every time I see it. Which I think is the overall point of a vision board-raise your energy, raise your vibration, step into that feeling of seeing what you want...let's get elementary with it..."believe it, achieve it". 

Whether you're going to get some old magazines & clip the pics out and glue them out on to a poster board or find pics on the web & collage them out like I did on Canva, this is your sign to JUST DO IT TODAY! If collaging out isn't your vibe, create a folder in your photos of pics that inspire you or a board on Pinterest, save the photos that inspire you & want you to level up.

You're not only the author of your story and the plot line can change at any time, but you're also the main character, own that baby!


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