Monday, January 24, 2022

amazon lately

I decided not to name this new series (!) "amazon wish list" or "amazon purchases" cause let's face it, if it's in the wish list, it'll be a purchase soon! Ahhh, curse you amazon, you make ordering so easy. Okay, let's hop in!

love this bomber or spring | bomber

blazers are the TREND rn and will be for spring | blazer

blazer #2 | blazer

sweatpants-I just never have enough | sweatpants

these earrings come in different sizes & I'm obsessed | earrings

the reason I haven't gotten this bag yet? idk what color to get! | dumpling bag

the color I want in this is back ordered | sweater

cutest sweatshirt! | sweatshirt

check back next week cause this will be a weekly series! what have you picked up from amazon lately? anything I need...let me know, xo

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