Thursday, October 21, 2021

2021 gift guides | for the beauty lover


you already know this was my faveee to put together! some of my everyday faves, things I want, a luxe item that I want everyone to have...let's just get to the links;

* mini mirror | vanity planet (not pictured)

* Olaplex gift set | Sephora (the best excuse to stock up!)

code: thelayzblonde to save 15% off 

* Peppy Co 3 in 1 Face Shield Mask | PeppyCo

* Revlon Hair Drier Brush | Amazon | Ulta

any of these would brighten the day of a beauty lover, I promise! I'll be added more links to LTK as I find more things that I add to my wish list, xo

I'll get a commish from these links & it'll allow me to buy more makeup to share with you. Love you forevs <3

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