Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fall Skincare Routine with Derma-E!

 It's no secret that Derma-E products are a staple around my house and recently I've hooked on trying to get my skin to look younger and more full. The key to reversing your skin age is collagen, that's the secret ingredient! Cue my new fall skincare lineup. 


Advanced Peptides & Collagen Eye Cream

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Oil

Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer

Advanced Peptide & Collagen Serum

All of the pics of me are completely unedited to show just how my skin is looking after using these for weeks now!

Starting off with the Anti-Wrinkle Oil on a fresh & clean face, I put about 1/3 of the dropper into my palms and rub them together to heat the oil up a bit.

Then I press the oil all over my face. Pressing and not rubbing is the best way to get the product evenly distributed all over. 

Treat tip: if I have extra time, then I'll go in with the big roller on my jade roller all over my face to help get the oil soaked in and add in a nice little treat for my face!

Next step is the Advanced Peptides & Collage Serum which is something I use every single day under my makeup no matter what routine I'm doing. This is by far my favorite serum I've ever used! A must purchase in my opinion. 

Going in with the Advance Peptides & Collagen Eye Cream next, always use the ring finger to apply anything to your face (it has the least amount of pressure!). 

Treat tip; Use the small side of the jade roll to depuff under your eyes and help get the product soaked in. 

Last, but certainly not least the Advanced Peptides & Collage Moisturizer. I like to put dots of this all over my face and neck and then work into my skin in a slight circle motion pushing gently.

& of course, once your skincare routine is take fun selfies, duh!

What product do you want to try? What products do you love to use to get your skincare to look younger? Let's chat in the comments! 


xo, Kayla

*ps; a huge thank you to Derma-E for sending me these to try, all of these opinions are my own!

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