Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | finale night two & after the final rose

Okay, so the live bit starts out and they intro Kelley...what is she doing there? Neil Lane is there and Peter's fam, obvi-the umbilical cord doesn't go far. 

Back to Australia...P is saying that his true love is HA and they have that strong, real connection. Guess it's her-at this moment. Buckle in, I think we're in for it. 

Neil is there w/Pete and he is picking out Hannah Montana's ring cause he is 100% sure. I wish the ring didn't have the little pave diamonds around it, just one big one is just fine. WOAH, he is asking HA's dad for permission and his blessing. Shit balls, is he asking her to marry him and then going to pull a Jason? Yeah, yup, shit is going now. Fuck. Wait, is HA going to dump him? I NEED TO KNOW. (I'm sorry this will be a mess...cause well this is a mess) 

Hannah Anne laying on her bed in her gown is me. Chris showing up is never good. HE SAID "I'm not positive she's coming" Well now that Peter is ready to pass out and die, Chris changes his tune...HA is en route, people. 

Hannah Anne greets Chris as Chris Harrison...glad we're on a full name basis after all this time. 

GUYS, he picked HA and she is as shocked as I am. Her jaw is on the floor...and mine is too. He is proposing. She accepted the rose. Okay, it's a wrap, right? 


Okay, Peter is going to tell his family and his mom has lost her marbles. I can't imagine crying like that-well I can, I had the same reaction anytime I saw Buggy when she was in the hospital :( 
His mom is acting like she won 500,000,000 dollars. Wow, she hates Madi. They're FTing the Webbers and his mom is yelling "how is our daughter?" 

 Every time they show Barb live, she looks PISSED. Okay, live Pete, looks happy. His scar has seemed to been to a plastic surgeon...looks a gazillion times better. 

HA and P are seeing each other in LA for the first time in a month...they tension is weird. MEGA WEIRD. Peter calls HA his rock and she says she wants to be that for him, but she wants to know that he wants her to be there for him. He is completely struggling. He was never cut out for this shit, she is so in love with him and wants him and he just can't be all in for her. It's upsetting to watch. Side bar: Hannah Anne has perfect lips. Okay, back to it, she's asking for it to be 50/50 and she will stay by his side if it kills her. He has been honest with her and she continue to stays with him. Oh shit, they're breaking up...she wants his whole heart and he can't give it to her. She is saying you took away my first engagement from me....they have Barb in a small screen live and she is not happy. 

HA is pissed..."why didn't you just let me go?" GOOD FOR HER, sticking up for herself like this. Put him in his place, girlfriend. BARB IS SHAKING HER HEAD IN AGREEMENT WITH WHAT HA IS SAYING. "you've done enough damage. I'm done. here you go, here's this" and she is out. HIS MOM IS CLAPPING. He went to hug her and she was like nah. He put his head in the car and she put up her hand and said "leave." SHIT.

HA is coming out now live...oh boy. SIDE HUG, awkward. That was the first time hearing that she didn't have his full heart. HA is speaking so well to him and her points are so freaking valid. Peter is talking in circles. He should've just said let's be bf & gf and try this...that's how he should've ended that last day. OMG HA is saying Peter the first red flag you gave me was needed closer with Hannah Brown & that their engagement involved three women; HA, Madison, and Hannah Brown. FUCK SHE WENT IN. OMG. 

Chris went to Auburn to see Madison. Barbara live in the small screen and she hates Madi, she literally rolled her eyes when Madi said she had days where she couldn't eat cause she was so upset. Madison is asking Chris to tell her what happened. He told her that he got engaged...she is upset. Peter doesn't know Chris is there. Chris is there to tell her P is single...she said is he okay? She is sad for them, thinks it's good...she is in love with him. HIS PARENTS ARE PISSED. Chris thinks Peter would be with Madison in his dream. OMG he is pulling a Jason, people. Melissa tweeted she was liking him less and less, duh, gf-it's your past. 

Eh, I don't love this ending tbh. But Madi is in LA. OUTFIT IS ON POINT. She's here for a second chance. He looks surprised to see her-he thought it would be Chris. They haven't seen each other since that day...but Peter is in love with Madison. His mom isn't clapping. Madison is in love with Peter. Madison talks in circles, just like Peter...they're a match made in heaven.

Peter's journey is ending...and he and Madison are going to take it one day at a time. What a dud. 

His mom hates her-Barb said Madi was three hours late to meet them, didn't say sorry, wouldn't say she loved him, etc. But sheesh, you are a grown ass woman, knock it off. His mom will not even look at him. Madison is sticking up for herself. His mom said "he will have to fail to succeed." Peter said "I'm telling you I love Madison and that should be enough." 

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