Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Bachelor Recap | week four

Another Monday and we're off...literally! Leaving the mansion and hitting the road...first stop, the city of loveeeee-Cleveland. Which is home to the worst human, Tristan Thompson. 

One on One: with Victoria F

I won't lie, based on the preview, I'm the most excited for this drama and hope that it's not just good editing. Victoria was the quiet one in the beginning of the season, but then wore the lingerie during the fashion show. She's def got some tricks up her sleeve. 

She takes things to the next level tho with the freaking out about skydiving...he's just going to fly you around. She looks really cute in her all-American #ootd. (kissed) They're going to an amusement park and have the whole thing to themselves. And just an FYI-that's my dream date...to have the whole place alone. Even tho...wait for it, I hate rollercoasters, ha. Idk it just seems so fun! 

Peter and VF are chatting about kids, drinking beers, holding hands...and then BAM-DRAMA. They're going to a Chase Rice concert...who's her ex bf?  CHASE MOTHER FUCKING RICE. Dated before she came on the show...omg. I can't. VF IS LOOKING AT CHASE WITH THE EYES. Peter is really into her. VF is singing along and Pete says "oh you know this song!" well honey, you're about to find out she knows more than that about Chase. OMGGGG PETER KISSED HER AND CHASE quickly stopped the song and whiped his face. Peter is talking to Chase and Chase is like how long you into this? And now VF is crying to a producer. it's SO MUCH. OMGGGGG.

VF pulled Chase aside to say it was a good concert. She asked if he knew prior and he said no. This is EVERYTHING SO MUCH FUCKING DRAMS. VF said she has to tell him and Chase is like duh. 

Now onto the dinner portion of the date...she looks beautiful in her pink dress. Peter said in his interview "we could have Chase Rice sing at our wedding!" Ohhh Petteeeeeeey. VF takes a huge sip of her cocktail and is going to drop the hammer. Victoria told him and he said "no" like he needs it to not be true. I feel incredible bad that Peter just keeps getting blindsided. I know that he was a child actor in commercials, but there's now way that he is acting rn. Peter is trying to get her to clarify that she has no feelings for him and she said she doesn't and she didn't say something earlier cause she didn't want to ruin the moment. She left crying. 

Peter has gone to see Victoria and she's trying to apologize for ruining the moment and for driving him away...she's afraid that he won't want to try with her now. Now Peter is trying to get her to confirm that she wants be there with him...all seems to be fine...they're kissing. She gets the rose! (Shoulda picked her in my bracket...she did cry so that would've lost me points, but she stays!) 

Group Date with:

Victoria F
Hannah Ann

They're going to play some football at the Dog Pound. Victoria F was wearing a v cute set and had to sit out cause of her back. Shiann scored two TDs so far...I'm here for Peter's football commentary. The game ended in a tie 28-28 even tho Shiann ended the day with 4 TDs...and they all played really hard. 

Okay, we're at the night portion and he is with Victoria P-who's in red (his fave color). (kissing) The girls are LIVID that she took him first because she didn't even play...wah wah, like girl up and grab him. 

ALAYAH JUST WALKED-NO STOMPED IN-BLEW THE GIRLS A KISS AND IS STOMPING IN TO INTERRUPT. Oh shit...shit. VP told him last week, they knew each other, but not that well. Now Alayah is saying that they went to Vegas together...So he sat down with the both of them at the same time (smart move, Peter...) but they both talked in circles. It's hard to know who is being honest, but you don't go to Vegas with someone you don't really know. 

He's spending a lot of time with Alayah and now he's saying stuff about trusting his heart & how he loved everything he saw from her. And he hates he doubted her. AND HE ASKED HER BACKKKKK. They walk out hand in hand to a lot of really pissed faces and I mean REALLY pissed faces. I would be livid if I was there. LIV-ID. 

One on One: with Kelsey (the other half of #champsgate if you can't keep them straight)

They're exploring the city and just walking around. Stopped to dance, eat a porogies...cute. Oh yikes, she's sharing her story about how her parent split and how she found out about her dad leaving before her mom did. They end their night with a kiss and fireworks...literal fireworks. 

I didn't have much to say about their date cause I just didn't really see much happening...*shoulder shrug emoji*

VF is POPPING OFF on Alayah about her running her mouth about spilling the tea to the girls about the whole Chase. 

Cocktail Party time and Peter walks in to these girls fired up and they lay right into him. They let him know how upset they are about how they've had no time. He wants to talk to Victoria P and she says she doesn't want to talk to him...they go outside and she's pissed because he just said that he was influenced in sending Alayah home which she feels was a dig at her. And now they're having an argument about Alayah...deja vu. 

The girls are trying to say that she came back to get back on the show and she is saying she came back for Peter and to clear her name. They said that she could've cleared her name on Women Tell All. Peter sits with VF and VF tells him the tea about what Alayah did. Sydney sits down and lays it on the line...he knows NOTHING about her because they can't spend anytime focusing on that cause all they focus is on the other drama. 

In the middle of his interview, he says "too tight" about his shirt and tie...or is it the claws of Alayah? I guess we'll need to wait to see next week. My dad thinks Peter needs to call his mom.


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