Tuesday, May 7, 2019

skincare | a night with Savor Beauty

I had the privilege of going to Savor Beauty Spa in Saugerties this past Sunday night for an intimate night where I got to test out their whole line, meet other local lady bosses, eat a delicious farm to table dinner, and learn how to correctly wash my face! (which who actually knew there was a WRONG way to do it! I'll get into that later tho!) 

Robin (babytooth to all you OG readers) was also invited so we hit the road and got to the cutest little spa. Upon arriving we were literally welcomed with open arms by Angela the owner and Sabrina the party planner, who were so sweet and couldn't wait for us to get the night started. Angela wanted us to all introduce ourselves and give a little bit of our backgrounds, so we could then get down to the facial part of the evening. Angela and her team taught us SO much about our skin-which they all said we should treat like expensive silk. Something I was so intrigued by was that in our 20s, our skin exfoliates itself every 14 days. In our 30s, its every 30 days and then in our 40s its every 45 days...which is why exfoliating is v important to keep your skin looking young and it's very best.

Face Washing;
Savor Beauty is a 5 step skincare line that is all natural and organic and literally made 45 minutes from my house.

0-pre cleanse; this will their makeup remover and will help get your skin ready to get it's cleanest.
1-cleanser; put this on right over the pre-cleanser for the full effect!
2-toner; Angela says she uses this throughout the day to keep her skin fresh and give it a boost!
3-serum; 2 to 3 drops in your fingers (think flat hand), rub them together to heat it up and then pat, pat away. 
4-hydrate; this day cream can be used at night, as well!
5-repair; you only need a teeny bit of this eye cream, put it on using your ring rings (they are the least strong of the fingers and have less pressure!), & don't put it too close to the eye-really on your cheekbones works-think where you hit your face with highlight.

*I linked all of the things that were recommended for my dry skin, but there are other options for different skin types as well!

How to properly wash your face;
Figure how which direction your facial hair grows, now wash in the opposite direction going in small directions. Use small amounts of products. Layering the products is best and ALWAYS pat them in, never rub. Patting allows them to be distributed evenly. You should always look like sunlight on the river, meaning if you move your face side to side, you should see a sheen on your skin. 

After we took off our amazing masks and applied steps 4 & 5, we were asked if we wanted to use the makeup area to get touch ups done by the in house makeup artist and all of us declined because we all felt so good in our glowing skin!

Dinner was a delish farm to table meal curtesy of Olsen & Company complete with a cashew cheese for Alane and I who don't eat cheese and let me tell you, it was the most delish thing ever. Dinner included hemp pasta, quinoa patties with jalapeƱo mayo, and roasted veggies. Dessert was a homemade salted caramel marshmallow & raspberry truffle from Lucky Chocolates w/ champagne, so you know I was a happy little camper. Between the tasty food and the flowing conversation, it felt like a dinner with a group of old girlfriends. 

Goodie Bag;

Now not only did we get to have this amazing experience and meal, but we left we a custom face mask, brush applicator, and whichever serum would work best for us! Mine of course was the raspberry which is perfect for my very dry skin. But I think the coolest goodie of all was the planner Angela designed for the next 90 days. It's a thoughtful gift for us to not only help us expand our beauty, but our minds as well. And Angela is not only beautiful and talent, but she is the ultimate lady entrepreneur who left me feeling so inspired! I cannot wait to head back to Savor Beauty & Spa for some treatments! Local babes; Savor Beauty & Spa has 3 locations; West Village, Upper West Side, Saugerties. & if Savor Beauty couldn't get any better, if you use their #cakefaceforacause they donate a skincare product to a local woman in need!

The other attendees;
Katrin-an amazing food photographer and author
Nina  & Alane-two photographers and creative eyes behind the local powerhouse And North
Robin-who is talking about fitness and nutrition on IG while keeping it real
& me who just wants to take a nap, but has promised to wash her face the right way at least once a day!

Did you know how to properly wash your face? I will honestly say that I haven't worn any makeup since the event because my skin is still GLOWING! What skincare do you love? Let's chat...

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  1. This looks amazing! I love spending some QT with great skincare products