Thursday, April 4, 2019

Target Budget Challenge!

A couple of weeks ago I teased on stories that I was heading to Target with my childhood bff Jen to do something fun & today I'm finally sharing part 1 with you! 

The Challenge: 5 different outfit needs, 5 different price points to stay under

Outfits Needed:
 Girls' Night Out
Spring Wedding Guest
Date Night

Price Points:

After we grabbed some Starbs (& took a pic for a giveaway), we got down to business. We had previously written down the prices and outfits needed on pieces of paper and then we picked at random. I'll start off before I show you what I picked that this was A LOT harder than we imagined. There were a few times where I wanted to go over, but Jen was not having that! Anyway, grab a snack & let's dive into this because it's going to be a long one :)

First pick was the HARDEST of the bunch...Girls' Night Out with a budget of $25! We attempted to find a cute jumpsuit, but everything was over $25 ($27.99, $33.99, etc...)  but did find a black jumpsuit for $12.99. Then we set out to find something to go over top and that was a mega bust. NOTHING was going to keep us under $25, so it was back to the drawing board. I found a red dress that Jen kept calling a "shirt" (bahaha, it really was a dress!), but I didn't feel confident enough to take a pic in just that, so it was time to hit the clearance to find something to go with it. I found this weird crop top for $10 (!) that I attempted to wear with a $13.99 pair of pants, but nope, not good. Then I had a stroke of genius and put the crop top over the red dress (still not a shirt, Jen) and BAM! A GNO look for a total of $22!!!

Wild Fable Black Crop Top $10 on clearance
total: $22

With that one under our belt, it was time to pick from the remaining and it was...Brunch with a budget of $50! Phew, okay, the pressure was starting to come off. We went back to the jumpsuits and I knew I MUST wear a hat. It was a lot quicker this time and we ended up finding a winner really quick! 

total: $44.98

It was time to pick again and I was keeping my fingers crossed that we would get the highest amount for the spring wedding look. When Jen picked "wedding" and then picked $65 I was thanking my lucky stars cause it was proving to be SO tough when the budget was low. I knew with $65 I could get a complete outfit including shoes! I had eyed (& put in the cart!) a gorgeous floral jumpsuit that I wanted to use for the Spring wedding. Since we already had that picked out we set out to get jewelry, shoes, and a bag to complete the look. 

Jen picked out shoes while I took an unmarked clutch to the service desk to get the price or haggle if I needed the price to fit in the budget (ha, I don't mess around when it comes to content!) The woman finally came back and said a price that was music to my ears: $6.88! SOLD! (which side story, she was like let me make a tag for you to buy and I said oh no, I'm not buying it. Then she said "oh, okay, I'll just bring it to customer service" to which I said "no, I need it now!" And she looked at me funny and handed it over slowly as I said "I mean I'm not sure if I want it yet, I'm looking for something to wear with it." She legit thought I was a crazy person.) Okay enough's the look!

(ignore the background in the first photo, the dressing room lady was NOT having us taking anything in the fitting room besides the jumpsuit!)

Universal Thread purse: $6.88 (cause it didn't have a tag and was apparently on clearance!)
a new day blush flats: $11.24 (clearance)
total: $63.10

It was time to pick again and this time Jen drew shower (either bridal or baby, didn't matter!) and a budget of $35! Okay, we totally got this. I ended up picking up something that I spotted earlier on and was going to use for brunch, but went in a different direction cause of the hat. I really loved this jumpsuit and got tons of compliments on it when I came out to show Jen.

(that Target mirror was DIRTY which is why my face is gross in that first one...)

total: $29.99

Phew, we were getting tired (well mostly hungry...& still had to shoot 3 more looks at a different location) so it was time to find that date night (which what does that even mean? having been on a date in like 2 years.) for $40! This was a little tough cause I didn't want to be too dressy, but didn't want to be super casual. So we settled on this...

total: $37.99

Jen and I had the BEST time spending our Saturday at Target and plan to take this challenge train to Marshall's next. Now let's hear what you think...What did you think of this challenge? Would you wear any of my picks? Let's chat in the comments...

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  1. This is such a fun idea! I love it

  2. I LOVED this blog post!!! How fun!!! I wanna try now!

  3. I know the two of you had a blast! Every outfit was perfect for the event & looked amazing on you! xoxo