Thursday, February 28, 2019

Throwback Thursday!

I recently stumbled upon a podcast that is based on one of my all time favorite things, The Baby-Sitters Club series. Yup, that's right...there's a whole podcast-The Baby-Sitters Club Club (they even have catchy theme song) where each episode is based on one of the novels. Now you're probably thinking okay, sounds kinda cool, but where's the catch. The catch is that it's two men in their 30s that host it. They read each book and then take the time to discuss the book, plot, subplot, characters, etc.

It started back in 2016, but I just heard about it last week and started it on Monday & I'm hooked! Literally, I was laughing out loud at my desk because these guys are funny and it's hilarious to hear them talk about books I know so well.

one of my faves from the series

When I was in elementary school, I remember our library days and the feeling when we could take out books we wanted to read. I would head to the back of the lib where the computers were and check out the giant (it's probably shorter than me now) yellow rack that had the 4th & 5th grade level books. As early as second grade,  I was borrowing the BSC books. I loved the girls, their stories, their lives-Stoneybrook, CT was the place to be.  

Each week for the next month, I'm going to be sharing some of my fave things from growing up cause the 90s are back big time when it comes to fashion and I'm feeling nostalgic. 

What was your fave book/series when you were growing up? Let's chat in the comments,

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  1. I remember these books! It's so cool that there's a podcast based on them. Thinking I'm gonna check it out