Thursday, November 21, 2019

EASY Thanksgiving Recipe ROUNDUP!

Layz is a lifestyle I've always lived by (I wore my hair in a top knot 98% of the time in HS and I went to school in the early 2000s before it was like a major thing to do), so here's a post I shared last year, but I feel like you need these yummies in your life...

side dish; crockpot cranberry sauce *tip; make this the day before or overnight & if you don't have another crockpot or need to make some on the fly, my girl Mollie has you covered with her 20 minute cranberry sauce with orange!

Also, be sure to pick up crockpot liners which are seriously the greatest invention of all time if you are a fellow #layzbabe!

ONE WEEK OUT from the YUMMIEST DAY of the YEAR! What's your fave tgiving food? Let's chat in the comments...

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